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One of the great things about “Mastermind Groups” is that all participants raise the bar because throughout the session they are challenging each other to create and implement goals without realising it. They are brainstorming ideas, supporting each other and being honest through empathy, understanding and compassion. A mastermind Group is a peer-to-peer mentoring group used to help members solve any problems and talking through positive solutions by input and advice from the other group members.

I run my “Mastermind Groups” exclusively over the internet using Zoom, this means that we can be where we like in our office or our home when we talk together. You will be part of an exclusive community. Joining a “Mastermind Group” involves being invited by members or through an application process. It is a case that the other members of a Group need your input as much as you need them. So, quality and your knowledge is very important and crucial to the Group for it to be vibrant and healthy. It will mean that feeling of “being alone” while running your business is disappearing meaning that the other members of the Group turn into business advisors of sorts and “vice versa”.

I arrange for the aftercare of all delegates with time to have any “One-on-One” mentoring if required.

The benefits of virtual works are:

No Travel: When I’m running virtual workshops, it means that you’re not losing valuable time getting to them, which means less time away from the office with the added benefit of no interruptions at home or in your office.

They are Cost-effective: One of the beautiful things regarding running “Face-to-Face” workshops means no cost of travel- hotels-food and being away from home.

They are very Wide-ranging:  Using virtual Zoom workshops every benefit is gained wherever you are situated in the world, rather than bringing people to one location for training very often in organisational centres.

They have Global Connections: People who loin my Zoom virtual workshops meet their colleagues and new contacts from around the world without leaving their desks; also creating relationships and networking.


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The workshops are


Give a confident presentation”

Each Session is for 90 minutes and run by Geoffrey Prince


“How to become successful in sales”

Each Session is for 90 minutes and run by Geoffrey Prince

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