Zoom Workshops

Gurugeoffrey says if you want you and your leadership-teams to be motivated and equipped to SUCCEED; you need to call Gurugeoffrey NOW!

Most of my virtual workshops are 60-minutes in length some are more. The number I tend to work with are between 6 and maximum of 10 per workshop. However, I’m happy to be flexible and will accommodate individual requirements.

It is very important that I make people feel safe and secure all the time. It is important when we are on a video conferencing to have some basic rule that we all adhere

I arrange for after care of all delegates with time to have any “One-on-One” mentoring if required.

The benefits of virtual works are:

No Travel: When we’re running virtual workshops, it means that you’re not losing valuable time getting to the them, which means less time away from the office with the added benefit of no interruptions at home or in your office.

They are Cost effective: One of the beautiful things regarding running “Face-to-Face” workshops means no cost of travel- hotels-food and being away from home.

They are very Wide-ranging:  Using virtual Zoom workshops every benefit is gained wherever you are situated in the world, rather than bringing people to one location for training very often in organisational centres.

They have Global Connections: People who loin my Zoom virtual workshops meet their colleagues and new contacts from around the world without leaving their desks; also creating relationships and networking.

The workshops are:

Zoom Sales TrainingZoom Sales Course

Each Session is for approximately 1 and a half hours and run by Geoffrey Prince

Tuesday 1st December at 10-30am  – 8th December at 10-30 am – Tuesday 15th December 2020


Being Resilient – a business must – January– 2021

Be Motivated – `Stay Positive` in business 


I’m well known for my visualisation and my natural ability in motivating others. As I’m a true believer that you must have “walked the walk not just talked the walk”. It’s very important to lead from the front and with this I empower people to do the by releasing their full potential and draw out their own dormant natural abilities.

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