Work on the business, not in-the business

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Work on the business, not in-the business

Work on the business, not in the business

                     Work on the business

When you work in your business, you’re are job handling day-to-day activities. When you work on your business, you’re making it grow.

What do I mean by that statement?  Firstly, in the climate of business times we are under; have we really looked at who and what our “Target Market” really is?  Secondly, are we spending the available time we have finding new business?


Are we still selling the same way as we were, last month? last year? or five years ago?  If we are, then we should be ashamed of ourselves. If we do not sharpen up the way we are working now; then our competitors will. Let us face it, the old saying of “If I am not expanding my business, then it is standing still,” an absolutely true, correct and accurate statement.


Very often we get complacent; or should I say lazy. A problem facing small or young businesses is very often; we cannot, or will not see the wood for the trees, reason, we are being reactive in our business or we are saying to ourselves; “this is the way we’ve always done it; why change?”  Well, ladies and gentlemen please wake up and smell the roses! Being “Proactive” is the only way to move you and your business forward.


We may have got away with it a few years ago “but not now”. I have always been a great advocate of “Networking” as most of my clients, colleagues and business friends know I joined the Alpha BNI Group way back in 2002 and found it fantastic, for meeting like-minded people. In 2006 I founded the “bsbnetworkingclub”, to bring like-minded people together, I had branches in the Wirral, Liverpool, St. Helens, and Chester.



One thing that I was always hearing from businesspeople when they were bemoaning that business was slow, and when I invited them to join a breakfast meeting, they said such things as:


  • I do not believe in them!
  • I am not getting up at that time of the morning!
  • You meet the same old people each week!
  • It is boring listening to people rabbiting on all the time!

John Haynes


What they forget is; that it is those same people that will be able to help them through their extended network of business colleagues. So, if you present yourself each week and look the part being professional, then people will gravitate toward you. It is the same on the “Zoom-Teams Networking Groups” that are now so immensely popular around the world.


Let me tell you Business has always been done through networking but in the days gone by it was called “The Old Boys Club.” What I would like to know is, what is the difference?  So long as we obtain business, surely that is the object of the exercise, isn’t it?


My old friend Jerry White, (unfortunately Jerry died in 2008) always said, “I make all the business connections through Networking and all the work is done by other people”.


He was a great advocate of “Working on the Business, NOT working in the Business.” Some businesspeople say. If I’m out all day things won’t get finished?  Wrong, if you empower people who work with you to do the work by empowering and giving them the opportunity to prove to you, they can do it then things will get finished. When that happens you can Work on the Business getting the business in, e.g., being Pro-Active?  In other words, you are out finding the new business and meeting present clients and customers, not in the business, being Re-Active and not meeting new business opportunities.

Zoom Motivational-Networking Group

                                   Wednesday 31st March 2021 Zoom Motivational-Networking Group

This is the beauty of Zoom-Teams Networking, you are meeting many, many new business opportunities from around the world.


Go back to square one, go back to your roots, go back to the way you were when you started your business, go back to those “visions and dreams”!


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