Presenting yourself

The elevator pitch

Presenting yourself

The Elevator Pitch.

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You only have 8-12 seconds to make a first impression!

You will never get a second opportunity to make a first impression.

Over the years, I have been in meetings of all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some with directors, businesses owners, Church Parish Councils, sports organisations and many others, both large and small.

In some, as Chairman. I have had to lead from the front and make difficult decisions in one way or the other; not a comfortable thing to do in voluntary organisations, also in running and owning many of my businesses. through the climate of the times over the past 50 years has been difficult.

At all times I have tried to portray myself as an incredibly positive (Glass half full) person, sometimes not very easy to do.

One thing that has come over to several colleagues is how people introduce themselves and their business in a networking meeting. It has been the same in all networking and business events over the years, and it is not new to “Zoom Networking” events; however, it does show up a lot more because of the tight schedule needed!


Your Introduction. It is sometimes known as the “Elevator Pitch.”

It is known as the elevator pitch because it should be short enough to present yourself during a brief elevator ride. It is a way of sharing your expertise and credentials quickly and effectively with people who do not know you.

If it is concise and to the point, it will give you a chance to introduce yourself and what you do without boring the person or persons on a Zoom meeting. You have to understand that you can and are boring if you rabbit on; sorry to be blunt!

You need the pitch to be persuasive and engaging. Even though it is a short speech, it needs to be compelling enough to spark the listener’s interest in your idea, business and you.


You need to practice, practice, and practice it until the speed and “pitch” feels comfortable and does not sound robotic. You will get used to varying the speech as you practice doing it. The more you practice, the easier it will be to deliver it when you are on you Zoom networking or when someone asks you “What do you do?”


How to introduce yourself?

You only have 60 seconds.


You do it in the following manner: –

  • My Name is.
    • Repeat it.
  • My Company is.
  • We are based.
  • We manufacture/sell/give service too.
  • We cover.
  • I am looking for a person in XYZ company or I am trying to get into XYZ company?
  • Again, my name is
    • Repeat it.
  • My business Is:
  • Thank you.


I will now show you a simple way to develop you “60 Seconds Presentation” You must look on this as an opportunity to present you business very succinctly to your “virtual sales team” on how they can identify prospects for you and therefore get permission for you to speak to them.


How to build a “60sec Self Presentation”

I find that when having to do any form of presentation, it is always best to put it down on paper first, then hopefully you will cover all the salient points you need to talk about and of course, typing it up on the computer helps a great deal.


So please use this simple list: –


Always open with a “Good morning/afternoon/evening to the Zoom meeting group or any other networking meeting”


  • My Name is.                ___________________________
  • My Company is.                ___________________________
  • I am based in.                ___________________________
  • I manufacture.                ___________________________
    • I sell to.                ___________________________
    • My service is ___________________________


  • At this point give a simple overview:
  • Do not say too much, just give a few bullet points to wet your “Virtual Sales Force.” _______________________________________________________________________


  • I work in, or I cover an area of:
  • __________________________________________________________________________


At this point be extremely specific, the more specific you are the easier it will be for your “Virtual Sales Force” in helping you.


I am looking for a person in XYZ Company, or I am trying to get into XYZ Company:


Again, my name is:      ________________________


My business is:              ________________________


Thank you.


If you have prepared your presentation well, you will impress the group members and impress any guests that may be at the meeting as well. You will also feel that you are ten feet tall and people will want to have a “One-on-One” meeting with you, which after all is the object of all the hard work.


You must be telling them what you want, here are a few suggestions below: –


  • A good person for me would be …
  • This week I am looking for…
  • Recently I have had a few who required …
  • I’d like to tell you about a special offer I have this week.


What you must realise is that over a period your fellow group members will absorb what your business does and then be able to pass “referrals’ to you because they are now trusting that what you say you do.

My eBook on “How to give a Confident Presentation” Is on sale till Midnight tonight 15th February at jus 99p follow the link on the image below.



Please remember that your “60-second presentation” is not just for breakfast meetings, Zoom meetings, or an elevator, it is for any sort of meetings.




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