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Personal Development

Monday 22nd February 2021

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We will discuss it 1-30 pm Wednesday 24thFebrary 2021 in the Group Meeting, you will need to book through the Eventbrite link.

Motivation-Networking Group

Your personal development can only come from within yourself, it is that tiny spark we all have inside us. I can encourage you, you can read books, look at videos, others can encourage you, but if you do not immerse yourself entirely in the desire to achieve your desires and goals, all the encouragement in the world will never be enough to help you.


For most of our lives, we are unaware of the tremendous reservoirs of raw energy within ourselves. I think it is because of the environment and conditions we live in, and the abilities we once displayed. We may have to dig deep into our innermost selves to release that untapped potential that lies within each of us, that tiny spark I mentioned before and turn it into a raging inferno.


It may take time to train your mind to release that potential the is locked away deep inside you and you will need to train your mind for success again. Training your mind is like any muscle in your body, if you do not exercise and discipline your mind it becomes lethargic and only performs well enough to get by.


Having good intentions is much the same as making New Year’s resolutions. After all the excesses of Christmas and New Year, we join a gym or set a home exercise routine with all the promises in the world that we will embark on a regime of exercise, change our attitude, and soon that those favourite clothes have mysteriously shrunk and will fit us once more.

If our New Years resolution was to lose weight then adopting a healthier lifestyle is a very real one for January but unless we stay focussed on that goal and commit to self-discipline to work hard at it, by March we will have slipped back into our old comfortable routines. If we have no commitment, life does have a funny way of recycling the past; just like a video loop, it just goes round and round and round.

You know how well and in control you feel after a vigorous workout. If you apply the same self-discipline to your personal development workouts you will experience the same inner glow of success.


The winner does not become one on the running circuit or a sporting ring alone, they merely get recognised there. It is the preparation, self-discipline, determination, training and development which contribute to the core-value of their character to make them Champions.


The door to Self-Improvement can only be opened from within yourself. When the Covid pandemic it in 2020 I got a letter from the NHS telling me to self-isolate and do not go out of the house unnecessarily other than for medical appointments I got a further letter last week telling me again to self-isolate till 31st March, of course, I followed what I was told to do emphatically.  I used the lockdown to develop what I do and created a new website, restarted, and increased my blogs, started my Wednesday Motivational-Networking Group, started my Mastermind Groups and added mor books and eBooks. WHY? Because I knew that keeping busy, doing 25 minutes exercise every morning and giving free one-to-one Zoom meetings helping people has kept me going.


The desire to keep myself busy and active every day gave me a purpose in my life. Being able to help people has always been a driver in my life. It is at this moment that your drivers kick in and I decided how badly I wanted the desire to get results which I believe I have now started to get and with the help of many people who follow me on my social-media and join me on my various groups during the week.



  • Why do you want your desired results?
  • Do you think it is worth your while getting up earlier every morning?
  • Should I do 25 minutes of exercise every day?
  • Do I need to do more CPD daily?
  • “Can I spare 30 minutes every day looking after my social media and commentating on others?”
  • Am I prepared to change my routine and start working on the business or carry on working in the business?


When you have strong Drivers there is power in the present. S0 by acting NOW in the present today will make it a better day tomorrow for you.

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