Personal Change

Personal Change

Personal change

Monday 22nd March 2021

personal change

                                            Personal change

Personal change happens through a journey of discovery. You need to find out more about yourself; how you do things, how you have been limiting your options

Being open to personal change is an especially important part of running a business as well as your life. In business, your target market may have a new challenge that is needed to be navigated, or the market may have shifted direction or may have started to focus on a new process or add a new service. So, to survive and to keep in front of the competition, you will have to pivot and possibly make major changes from time to time. To gain more market share, you know that you will need to make changes and yes, it could be a stressful time for you and your employees. However, it is particularly important for you to appreciate the different changes your business, employees and you will go through, and the way it will affect the whole team, and for you to make it an easier passage and transition.


However, failure to understand and adapt to change is one of the main contributory factors and causes of all business and personal failures. No one ever became more successful without needing to change for the better. Success requires constant change and therefore “Continual Personal Development” both by yourself and within the business is always the way to always keep yourself abreast of your market.


The past must be erased and forgotten, the present must be learned from and discarded, and the future needs to be planed. You must anticipate the direction change will be coming from, more importantly, where it is likely to be heading. You should grasp it with open arms and embrace it; “Take full advantage of the opportunities around you”.

Business Opportunity

             Business Opportunity

You must learn to manage change, harness it, to use it to your best advantage. You must learn to visualise change and deal with it through your imagination, visions, and dreams. You must also go out and force change through developing your business networks and contacts. We are in a constantly changing world and are now able to develop our business and ourselves globally, so go out pro-actively to expand you and your business.

You should learn to: –

  1. Plan your future!
  2. Develop your business networking!
  3. Plan your targets!
  4. Plan your goals!
  5. Organise your daily activities wisely!

You need to organise your business and yourself and adopt a different forward-thinking vision for your business and your life. So, start searching for and working towards more realistic, constructive, and positive goals. Unless you do, you will carry on wandering through life aimlessly and constantly going round in circles always and always “Achieving second best”.

If you want to be the best, you should: –

  1. Look to the future!
  2. Set your targets!
  3. Set your goals!
  4. Put your best foot forward!
  5. Be pro-active!


Personal targeting

Personal targets are something people only do when December arrives and we think of New Year’s resolutions, that is absolutely true. Even these most challenging resolutions and difficult ones will lose their menace when they are reduced to well defined and manageable targets especially when written down which of course are the interim stages you need to attain to reach those final resolutions, goals, and objectives that you have in mind.

As “Emerson” said

“The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going”.

Unfortunately, the tragedy is that most people have absolutely no idea where they are heading for!  If they only knew and had planned, set their resolutions, objectives, goals, and targets, and worked harder in achieving them, they would have been more successful and have been the best and developed a great business or career.  These same people are seemingly very content and happy to look through the car-showroom window and gaze at the Rolls-Royce, kidding themselves that one day they will own one.

Well wake up and smell the coffee!

So many people are always looking through the window because they neither have the drive, initiative, get-up-and-go, nor the motivation required to actually take the necessary steps to acquire one for themselves. As most of you know I am a believer in “The glass is always half Full; never Half empty! When I say to people why is it that you are always moaning that you are not getting enough requests for the products/service you have?


They blame everything around them their staff, their product, their location, but very few ever blame themselves! Their problem is they cannot see the wood for the trees. What do I mean? Amazingly simple really, they do not meet enough people, they do not show their products or service off often enough. People need to network themselves to other people, they need to make new contacts, develop and meet with like-minded positive people and sell themselves in a positive and constructive way always remembering; “it is not the person you are talking to now; it is the people that, that person may know!


There is a tremendous difference between wanting to own or do something and the intention for doing it or buying it.  “It’s only when you declare an intention” to do or buy, that you will see all the obstacles that are in the way and you start working out how you will overcome them that you achieve what you want to do either “doing it or buying it”.  You then start to work out the time frame.

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