Outstanding Service

“You don’t have to have the best products or the best prices you do however need to provide an outstanding service and then you will have an outstanding future.” I have been asked by some of my internet followers would I expand on my “Thought for the Day’s” blog. What can one say regarding the […]

Personal Support

Personal Support Tuesday 29th January 2019 Personal support of others is one of human natures attributes that we all have; as well as being one of the keys to you being successful. You should think back at the way over the years you have built and strengthened your own personal persona. The way you are […]

The Northern Federation of Divers

Dear all As you may well know NORFED is in its 60th year and as your club and some members played a big part in either, hiring equipment or expertise, perhaps taking part in the annual “Windive” activities, joined in one of the many ADG “Advanced Diving Group” meets or been part of the very […]


Stressed Do you often feel stressed due to your workload being too heavy? Do you feel as though you have more tasks than you have time to deal with? Or could you effectively use your time to complete all the tasks given to you? You must look outside the box to organise all the tasks […]

Decision making

Decision making Tuesday 10th July 2018 I’ve found that the decision making process helps managers, organisations and business professionals to solve problems by examining and deciding other alternative choices and working on the best course of action.  By using a step-by-step approach efficiently and by making thoughtful, informed decisions will result in positive outcomes for […]

Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude   “When you’re working through the day do you comprehend that you’re sending out thought-signals all the time? It’s very important that you should be thinking positive thoughts and not negative ones. I would like to challenge you; to only think positive things happening to you. Send out those positive signals, think about […]

 Negative thoughts

Tuesday 1st May 2018 If we fixate on negative thoughts, it will affect all aspects of our life. So, we should learn to be mindful of our “internal dialogue” which does help to recognise our thought patterns and how they could affect the way we are able to deal with situations we face in our […]

Monitor yourself

  Monitor yourself Tuesday 24th April 2018 To help you overcome the problem of pressure build up mentioned in yesterday’s Inspirational thought. You need to start and start to monitor yourself during the working day, the week and of course the month. You will be very surprised at the amount of time you spend doing those […]

Reflecting on your past successes

Tuesday 20th February 2018                                                                                                                                              Reflecting on your past successes always helps to overcome the times in your life when you’ve had some challenges. Trying to stay motivated and not feeling discouraged and doing this by reminding yourself of the times in the past when you were able to step out and challenge yourself and then […]


  Tuesday 13th February 2018 Giving encouragement towards others is so helpful as well as hopeful when dealing with people who are a little down and out of sorts, “to give and not to ask for any reward”! Unfortunately, challenges and difficulties are all part of life’s rich pattern so, words of encouragement very often […]

I’m well known for my visualisation and my natural ability in motivating others. As I’m a true believer that you must have “walked the walk not just talked the walk”. It’s very important to lead from the front and with this I empower people to do the by releasing their full potential and draw out their own dormant natural abilities.

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