Never stop learning

Never stop learning

Never stop learning

Geoffrey Prince | Business Support and Mentoring

       You should never stop learning


So, what is CPD? It can stand for two things that run basically into one! Continuous Personal Development or Continuous Professional Development. It is a term used to describe the ongoing leaning activities of people to engage, develop and enhance their knowledge and becoming conscious of learning and being pro-active, rather than being passive and being re-active in their day to day lives in their respective work.

CPD does combine many different methodologies to learning, such as hands-on training, workshops, conferences, events online, e-learning programs, best practice techniques, WhatsApp, Facebook, and LinkedIn Groups and reading materials such as technical, legal, and accountancy. There are over a 1000 institutions and professional bodies around the world, as well as e-Books and other reading material.

When you have a structured approach to growing and accepting those academic qualifications are important it will help you and your employees get up to speed with current updates in your industry or profession, thus maintaining a competitive edge and advantage over your competition.

By engaging in CPD will ensure that both yours and your employees academic and practical qualifications do not become obsolete and out of date, thus allowing continually to up-skill or indeed re-skill regardless of profession, occupation, age or educational level.

To this end I am offering for 3 days only:

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