Motivation & Networking

My Zoom Workshops and Networking- Motivational Groups are online, meaning all participating can either be in their office, at home or could be anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

FREE Zoom Motivational and NetworkingGroup

Is on Wednesday’s for 1 hour from 1-30 BST.

Places are limited to a maximum of 15 participants and is being run over Zoom, so please book.

Gurugeoffrey brings together like-minded people who do really believe that Motivational and Networking Groups over Zoom help them and their businesses develop by meeting and listening to others in the sittuatuion as them.

It works and woeks very well because it brings together people from different parts of the country, different Countries  and from many different backgrounds talking about their businesses and what they do and would like to accomplish in their lives.

Many different problems are raised during the meetings by the people in the group but mainly it helps others on their business journey. Couple this with Gurugeoffrey’s Motivational talking by imparting his 50-plus years of business knowledge, lecturing, workshops, after dinner talks and all this with his anecdotal experiences.


I’m well known for my visualisation and my natural ability in motivating others. As I’m a true believer that you must have “walked the walk not just talked the walk”. It’s very important to lead from the front and with this I empower people to do the by releasing their full potential and draw out their own dormant natural abilities.

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