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I have always believed that a person’s core-values and strengths help them to lead better lives

I have over the years noticed that a person’s core-beliefs are the bed rock on which they develop their character and strengths.

We all have a burning desire to succeed so, this gives us the ability to make great decisions and follow those decisions through to a conclusion. By turning that spark of desire that you have in your belly into a blazing inferno will certainly make you into successful person.

I provide an online mentoring service that is supported and structured, by developing a solid, honest relationship helping my mentees develop their skills by drawing out of them what has always been there, (Educari) and achieving their goals and desires.


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    What is Mentoring?

    Mentoring is essentially about helping people develop themselves more effectively and a relationship in planning and building more confidence and support, so they can take control of their own development and work ethic.

    Mentoring is not the same as training, teaching, or coaching. The mentor does not need to be a qualified trainer or an expert, their role is to support the mentee they are working with. However, the mentor needs to be a good listener and ask questions that will challenge you to identify the course of action you need to take regarding your own development. A mentor is different from your line manager in that they will not have direct responsibility for your work performance but will be responsible for encouraging you to work towards your own individual objectives and be a motivating guide for you on your journey.

    As a mentor, I am someone who has your best interests as a priority and will give you the support and skills to help you get better at what you already do well. I am not waving a “magic-wand” around. I am looking at building a long-term commitment with you, rather than a quick-fix solution that must be agreed by both parties.

    Online Mentoring

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    “Because of the worrying time we are in for everyone people need help during Covid-19 and some reassurance so I’m a one-on-one confidential FREE coaching session to help individuals tackle the rapidly changing circumstances we are all under”.

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