Customer care

Customer care

Customer care

Customer care

To your customers, the company is you and everyone in it.


Think about your business. Basically, you do the same things as your competitors do. So, what makes the difference? It is you; you are unique? What I mean is it is all the people who work for you, from the receptionist to the salespeople, the technical and production teams, and everyone you employ. What it boils down to is everyone working together, not as individuals.


As a business owner, you need to have a good reputation with your customers and indeed with everyone in your company. If you have a reputation for being slick or something of a con artist, just pushing things through to get the sale, then you are not going to create a lasting relationship with your customers.


It takes trust, and every business owner needs to build that trust within the rest of the staff in that company. Everyone in every area must constantly be trying to do what is right and the best for the customer. That is how a quality business works and works well, and how it does both, by winning and retaining its customers.


Big impression.

How often has this happened to you? With just 30 minutes to the weekend and a customer calls and says,” I need a hard copy of that contract we just signed.” A typical person would say,” Okay, I’ll get it to you first thing on Monday morning”.


What would you do? I would say, “I can’t come tonight, but I’ll be near your business tomorrow morning. How about if I drop it off then?” What are they going to say at that point?  “No, that’s okay, drop it off Monday.” If I drop it off on Saturday, will they be impressed?


In conclusion.

When we are at the forefront of the business we represent we must realise at all times that it is the “Customer” that pays our wages and the not the boss. If customers stop buying from us we will not get paid. It is especially important to understand that we represent ourselves and therefore must be always prepared to go that extra mile, work that extra couple of hours and do it with all good grace and with a smile on our face. When I owned my hotel in New Brighton, I had a large sign in the servery just before where the staff served the food from, it read; “Smile the customer Pays your Wages”.

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