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How many times in our lives have we thought about giving up on what we’ve been doing? Perseverance and determination are probably the most important disciplines we have in our “toolbox” helping us to reach success. Being extremely disciplined means, we understand the importance of planning and surviving in this tough world that we live in today. Take J.K. Rowling author of the “Harry Potter” books.

When she started writing the original book, her life was in turmoil self-described by her, “as a mess”. She was going through a divorce at the time and living in a tiny flat with her daughter. She was also surviving on government subsidies and her mother had just passed away from multiple sclerosis. She turned all those negatives that was around by stoic perseverance into a positive, by devoting most of her time to the “Harry Potter” series. She also drew from her bad personal experiences with her writings.

What is your driving force? What have got planned for this week? Have you got fire in your belly to reach your objectives by the end of the March 2019?

I want to give you some practical information regarding teamwork, leading and participation within the team covering subjects such as defining the skills required to complete projects, establishing trust between individuals within the team

For teams to work together and work well with each other, it must be first realised that all teams and the company, are built from individuals.  As individuals we all have many ways of working and thinking.  Every company employee will have ideas, (some will have many and let everyone know that they are their ideas).  What we should be doing is pooling ideas for the advancement of the company, which in turn will mean success for everyone involved in the company. 


Company creativity and innovation will be best achieved by building creative teams comprised of people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

When you work with a team, whether as a leader of a single team or a manager of several you have responsibilities to both the company as well as to the team/teams you work with. 

In today’s market, team-working is becoming the preferred practice as traditional hierarchies give way to the flat, multi-skilled methods. 

Teamwork is the foundation of all successful management.  Managing teams well is a major and stimulating challenge to any manager and also to any member of a team.  A true team is a living, constantly changing and dynamic force, in which a number of people come together to work.  Team members discuss e.g. (brainstorming ideas), their objectives, assess ideas, make decisions and work towards their targets together.

 Achieving potential

There is no limit to the potential of a good team.  Given an impossible task, team members will reinforce each other’s confidence as they seek to turn the impossible into reality.  The collective ability to innovate is stronger than that of the individual because the combined brain power of a team, however small, exceeds that of any one person.  By harnessing this power, a team can go beyond simple, useful improvements to achieve real breakthroughs.  For example; an engineering companies Maintenance Team, I did work for some years ago wanted to increase their machines reliability.  They thought it impossible to do but went on to produce a plan that doubled performance by simply planning the maintenance schedule.

 Working collectively

To harness and take full advantage of the team-power, the individual brains and personalities involved must be encouraged to collaborate.  This process is vital in generating results.  Giving stretching goals to a team will encourage it to work collectively and introduce a sense of urgency, potentially eliminating bureaucracy as it concentrates on getting positive results in the shortest possible time.  The impact of a single team breakthrough can, by its example, galvanise an entire company. 

I’ve found that the decision-making process helps managers, organisations and business professionals solve problems by examining and deciding other alternative choices and working on the best course of action.

By using a step-by-step approach efficiently and by making thoughtful, informed decisions will result in positive outcomes for yourself and the organisation. A lot of people have said to me that they find it hard to make major decisions on their own. Unfortunately, you must realise that decision making is something you must do in your life whether it is the right one or a wrong one, you must make one. The decision could range from the trivial, such as what should I have for dinner, through to life-changing, such as changing your job through to buying a new house or car. There are some people who put off making any decisions at all, sometimes by just endlessly searching for more information or by just sitting on the fence not wanting to say yes or no. Yes, you do need to look at and identify alternatives to develop a clear understanding of the issues, you will then be able to look for the various solutions available to you and at your disposal. It is more likely you will have many different options available when it comes down to making your decision, so it is vitally important to come up with a range of options. This will then help you to determine which course of action is the best way to achieve your objective.

Presenting ourselves

As we gain more knowledge presenting ourselves and develop our abilities in the workplace and the way we are presenting ourselves, the area you will have to face is, being able to present. This could be as simple as presenting one-on-one in a sales situation or leading a team talk to presenting in public, all are equally important, they all have the same starting point; each needs to be planned and you need to have the confidence to deliver them well.

I think before we move on to the how to present we should look at Bad presentations the (What you shouldn’t do)! You know when you’re listening to a truly great presentation, it flows, it’s a skill but you will only attain this by practice. On the other hand, you certainly know when you’re listening to an absolutely appalling one, don’t you!

So, if you don’t want to look like a rank amateur, I’m going to give you a few bad points for you to think about and hopefully you will discard. If you’re following and using these points I will guarantee that you will “leave a very bad impression”; to such an extent that you will never be asked again to speak.

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Tuesday 19th December 2017


Have you written a life-plan? Or do you feel that’s not for you or have you noticed and thought that life is just passing you by, feeling that you’re just living your life from day-to-day?  When all you’re doing is trying make it to the end of the week or the end of the month. Isn’t it time you started to make simple goals that you’re capable of achieving? There is an old saying that is “If you fail to plan you plan to fail”. What is not said is that if you don’t set realistic goals they’ll fail anyway because goals without set parameters go nowhere. To gain control of your life you need to set a simple life-plan together one that will help you to achieve some success in the areas of your life you feel are lacking!


A life-plan gives you:

  • A clear direction you are trying to go in
  • The motivation to move your life further forward
  • The focus for achieving your goals
  • More certainty regarding your future
  • More clarity and the ability to turn your visions and dreams into a reality


Those of us who have run businesses know that well thought out and logical business plans are one of the most important keys to running a successful business. In a lot of businesses, I’ve gone into over the last 12 months, you would be surprised how many of them have just put them into the bottom draw of the filling cabinet. It is the same with a life-plan few people have taken the time and trouble to create a written one. A plan that details all our visions, dreams and goals as we go through life should be written down. Just as in business, if you want to have a fulfilling life you must work at it! You do this by writing a plan as the first step.

Look deeply at where you are now, look again at your visions, dreams and goals you want to attain, one could say it’s like the chicken and egg. You must know yourself to discover those visions and dreams to shape who you are. However, to reach a form of conclusion, you need to write a detailed plan of how you intend to reach and achieve your visions and dreams, you must know who you are. To find out, you need to fill in a SWOT analysis this will give you your “Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats”, your core values and beliefs.

Dedication and determination

Tuesday 18th April 2017

Dedication and determination, are two of the most fundamental support words that have driven me throughout my life it is the leading factor in success. Without it we may never reach our goals. I believe that if you want to succeed at achieving anything in life you must have dedication and determination. Without them, when you reach an obstacle or something holds you back, you may quit and never get past that barrier. I found that for me the ability to learn and achieve my aspirations and goals, especially “having dyslexia”. has been to translate those visions, dreams and goals into an action plan. Through total dedication and determination, we all are capable of achieving great things. To grow the qualities of character and personality that drive one to relentlessly do what is necessary to produce the remarkable results you want in your life. By doing so the person can rapidly move forward and then they will have a competitive advantage. I always urge my students, clients and masterclasses to never give up on what you really want to do. The person with the big dreams is the more powerful person than one with all the facts. Remember “The choice is always yours”!

Become a “Winner” through pro-activity & hard work in 2012! Look at my new book “SUCCESS the Choice is Yours”.

Resolve to succeed

Tuesday 8th March 2016

If you’re not experiencing a lot of progress with your sales or the work effort you’re presently doing. Then you need to re-evaluate your initial planning and revise. We all have the resolve to succeed so please don’t be put off over the effort you’re putting in; just look at the resolve to succeed you have inside you. Remember, if you don’t reach where you want to be. Go back to basics and start again. An old sales manager of mine Pat Pilgrim once told me that and I still go back and start again when things aren’t going the way I had hoped. Remember, to be a winner; requires tenacity, patience and drive.

Your skills

Monday 7th March 2016


Your skills have been gathered over many years and are a valuable asset of yours and yours alone!  Remember, when you love what you do for work and find it comes easily too you. There are other people who find difficulty in doing the sort of things you find easy. Therefore, you will be able to make money providing their need for your skills! It boils down to this, people who find it hard to do what you’re doing will become your future clients.


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