Monday 7th October 2019

Negaholics, are all around us. They are people who have no direction in life; each week comes and goes; just like the last. Try looking for a few symptoms; they rarely joyful, they always seem to be angry, they are the people who are always thinking negative things about their future, past and the present. They are never satisfied and having negative thoughts about other people and places. I would suggest you avoid them, like the plague, I’ve found these people are very often family and friends, who have the best of intentions at heart.  However, they are so stuck in their way of life that they can’t see the wood for the trees. They will always tell you; you will never manage tis or that, you haven’t got the staying power to succeed at this or that.

Friday 4th October 2019

When you’re trying to sell yourself, products or your services, the next step is; making sure that you’re always ready to close the sale. Now, that doesn’t mean you’re going to be closing all your presentations and getting orders. However, it does mean that you should always be looking for the next step, which of course is the buying signal and be ready to close at the first sign of one, even if you’re only minutes into your presentation. I have over the years witnessed a lot of lost sales because the salesperson has not been watching for the next step and therefore missed the buying signals. They have just carried on with the presentation till they had finished. The next step could mean just as you have started your presentation or halfway through it, remember the prospective buyer may desperately need what you have straight away. So many salespeople will insist that they must finish their presentation/demonstration at all cost, and this is often meaning they don’t get the sale. How many times has this happened to you? #gurugeoffrey in

Wednesday 2nd October 2019

“Do you think success? Or; do you, without knowing, think failure?  What do I mean”?

I have lived all my life, with the notion that, whatever I believe I can do; I will succeed. I know over the years I have probably caused a lot of anguish with some of the decisions I’ve made but hey! What the hell; life has been good to my family and me. Success can mean very many wonderful and positive things to different people. To some it could be personal prosperity, a beautiful home in the country, travel; too far off exotic destinations or just, financial security for your family. Success could mean the gaining of recognition from one’s peers, achieving promotion in the job you’re in, or perhaps building a business up from nothing, with no more than vision, hard work and a determination to succeed.

Successful people aren’t superhuman! Success does not require super-intellect; nor is there anything mystical about success. Success is not based on luck. Successful people are just ordinary people who have developed belief in themselves and what they do. However, one thing they have in common is; they never-ever, admit their doubts or suggest to others that they’re not first-class.


I meet and speak with a lot of people who suffer from lack of confidence and who would like to become more confident with themselves. They need to spend more time with people, especially those of their friends and colleagues who are confident and make them feel good about themselves. Because, a lot of their time is very often taken up trying to help others. I always suggest that they should try and spend some me-time with old friends, friends who they’ve always got on well with. Look at the time you’re spending with people who are forever moaning about their problems and moaning about others. One solution. Avoid spending your free time with the “Negaholics”, they drain your positive energy.

Personal criteria for success

Before making career or life planning decisions, it’s important to do some research first and define your own personal criteria for “success”. Your criteria should be clearly established in your mind then regularly updated on your changing circumstance and lessons learned over time. Otherwise making quick decisions could send you off in a wrong direction, perhaps a direction you really didn’t want to go.

I have found that going back to square one really does help concentrate the mind. You need to identify your choices and your deep routed core-values. To do this you need to ask yourself some very searching questions. You must be completely honest with yourself. Kidding yourself and putting things down that are untrue will not help you make the correct decisions and do not help.


Your core-values are your traits and qualities that you consider worthwhile and very important to you. They represent your highest priorities and deeply held beliefs they are your driving forces. When you are in an organisation you bring your deeply held core-values and beliefs to that organisation or business, there they mingle with the values of other members, helping to create a better organisation or family culture which you are very comfortable with and are able to work within.

Value statements

Your core-value statements are grounded in your core-values and your beliefs; they define how people want to behave with each other in an organisation, an institution, company and within your family and social circles.  They are statements about how an organisation will value its customers, suppliers and of course its own employees. Value-statements describe actions which are the enactment of your fundamental core-values that you held within the above-mentioned communities

For you and your business to succeed you really need to go back to square one; to look inside yourself.  There is a seed there and always has been. However, what have you done about it? Have you placed yourself in the correct environment for it to germinate? Do you know when you’re in the right environment to educate yourself or have you carried on meeting the same old friends you’ve had since you where young?  Remember education does not stop at the school gates the day you left. Continuous Professional Development known as (CPD) e.g. education; must carry on so that the seed will carry on growing; “educare” is Latin “to lead forth, to draw out” which in our case means; learning where we can, what we can and therefore mixing with the right people also, being in the right place and in the correct environment at the right time. When you’re mixing with other professional business people you’re going to be drawing out your own latent talents that have been hidden inside you. So, when you’re listening intently to other successful entrepreneurs, this is when you start programming your mind, as to what you have inside.  

Working toward having Success through Confidencemeans thatyour intentions must be in this learning system (CPD); your real response will not be so much as to make an impression but to leave your imprint on those other people you’re talking to. You will let them think wow; I want to be with this person, I want to rub shoulders with them again. This is when your CONFIDENCE will take a tremendous leap forward. I feel that when you are prepared to admit and to realise that you’re on a very long and sometimes steep learning curve and that you don’t necessarily know it all but do realise that your all individuals who desire and to thrive by learning as much as you can.  However, in that process of learning you’re going to have to re-learn a lot of the things you do over again but this time from a different prospective. Now by re-aligning those things again you’re inviting your inner being to grow to another level.

“You don’t have to have the best products or the best prices you do however need to provide an outstanding service and then you will have an outstanding future.”

I have been asked by some of my internet followers would I expand on my “Thought for the Day’s” blog.

What can one say regarding the above quote?  Well first of all we would not stay in business very long if we made or sold inferior products and if those products or services were sold at exorbitant prices, also, if we gave terrible service.  However at times we are in the vagaries of the market and the old saying of “supply and demand”.  We should understand the various combinations of product – price – service sometimes do get very mixed up, in certain public institutions some buyers will only buy on price, while others will buy on quality. 

I have been involved during my lifetime in business on both sides, looking at the manufacturing first, I have always tried to make sure that I provided the best quality and charged a fair and equitable figure for the finished product and always tried to maintain an outstanding service. 

On the purchasing side I was always looking for the best price that was available; this could mean forward ordering for goods to be delivered regularly over a period of time, sometimes if room was available I would buy larger quantities at a better price, sometimes I would be asking discount on early settlement.

Whatever our business is, we should always try to stay ahead of our competitors; this is done by giving the best quality product at the best price and giving first class service, before during and after, by providing an outstanding service is defiantly a recipe for a long sustained time in business.  

Personal Support

Tuesday 29th January 2019

Personal support of others is one of human natures attributes that we all have; as well as being one of the keys to you being successful. You should think back at the way over the years you have built and strengthened your own personal persona. The way you are looked up to and the amount of personal support you’re been giving to others around you. Personal support often is something that people forget and don’t understand, you may be strong on the outside but, just like a lot of people you need support as well, after my“Quadruple heart bypass and being diagnosed with later with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia” I needed that personal support and received it in abundance. Unfortunately, there are lots of people who will still demand a lot from you without thinking that you also need support from them as well.

Personal support from friends or family members does provide you with the motivation you need, often there are times those close to you are either too busy or not able to see your situation clearly. Your shared past, your roles, and who you have been can get in the way of those close to you seeing who you are today and not who you can be and could become. If the person you turn to for support is seeing you for whom you were, it can be difficult for them to see who you are wanting to become. Sometimes you just need someone outside to talk to you about your desires, dreams, goals, your hopes, doubts and the fears you have. Someone who can listen objectively and someone who is able to unconditionally support you in moving forward with your life. As well as recognising the potential you have within you. Have you, or, are you in this position yourself? If you are you need to make a stand and say, say no more to the takers and concentrate on the givers they are the unsung heroes of this world. Whether you can do that is conjectural; it’s probably not in your nature to say NO.

Dear all

As you may well know NORFED is in its 60th year and as your club and some members played a big part in either, hiring equipment or expertise, perhaps taking part in the annual “Windive” activities, joined in one of the many ADG “Advanced Diving Group” meets or been part of the very many dives NORFED organised. were you one of the intrepid (144) divers who met at Blackpool Airport to fly to the Isle of Man for a day’s diving for the grand total of 58- shillings and no limit on diving equipment, this was in May 1965?

Well, we’ve moved on and our looking forward to the 2019 season and have many events and dives being planned, which will including Photogrommetry and Technical diving also 2019 conference and dinner later in the year. Would YOU have any ideas that you would like to bring up?

Please follow to the our website:

Further details:                      

The NORFED Conference – Dinner – AGM/Open-Forum

Saturday 3rd Sunday 4th November 2018

Venue: The Heath Cottage Hotel

Dewsbury West Yorkshire, WF12 8ET

Conference 1pm – 4-30 pm

Have you, like me, admired and envied, those wonderful shots on Blue Planet, taken under the Antarctic ice and have you considered what it would be like to dive beyond the normal limits of compressed air.

Would you like to hear first-hand from the experts who can tell you?

Phil Alberts 15 months spent on the Antarctic Survey Team will give you a clearer idea. Phil will be speaking about his experiences of diving in Antarctica.

Peter Routledge will be talking about developments in deep diving for the amateur. What is Technical diving and is it for me? 

Technical diving can conjure up a stereotypical image of overly complicated and difficult diving for danger addicts. Well, times are a changing. For those wanting the challenge and adventure of extending their limits underwater, technical diving could be for you.

Gordon Longworth Never mind what the ‘old uns’ in the club say, see for yourself what it was really like to dive in the 50’s and 60’s with a film from Gordon and members of the East Lanc’s Sub Aqua Club, they made them tough back then.

HMS Royal Oak was one of five Revenge-class battleships built for the Royal Navy during the First World War. Launched in 1914 and completed in 1916, Royal Oak first saw combat at the Battle of Jutland as part of the Grand Fleet.

Watch Peter Rowlands moving film telling, in detail, the story of HMS Royal Oak, the events that led up to the sinking, eyewitness accounts of the young sailors aboard and what she looks like now, including the moving ceremony of unfurling the White Ensign.

Ken Crow Measure your photographic skills and ambitions against the results of the NORFED Annual Photographic Competition.

All this and you can still be home in time to take your partner out!

Or you could stay for:

 The Annual Dinner, Awards and presentations.

6-30 for 7 pm sit down

All our Guest Speaker’s work was formally recognised when former British Sub-Aqua Club  (BSAC) Chairman Phil Harrison was awarded an MBE in the 2011 New Year’s Honours List. Phil was honoured for his longstanding services to BSAC, both as Chairman and as Vice President. This was the first recognition of an individual for services to BSAC through the Honours List since the Club was formed in 1953.

 Sunday 10 am A.G.M. & Open Forum

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the future of NORFED going into 2019 and beyond.

  • The diving calendar for 2019
  • The election of the Committee – Responsibilities and roles.

The open forum at which we invite anyone along to discuss ways of making diving more satisfying at all levels of the sport.  We invite you to look beyond your own club, and using your own experiences, to help prevent any further decline in the sport, and to see it start to grow again.  YOUR INPUT IS VERY IMPORTANT

Further Information please e-mail: