Persistence Tuesday 26th May 2020 When times become difficult, persistence in what you’re doing is undoubtedly the greatest principle we should adopt. I say this because most of us unfortunately are generally surrounded by “Negaholics” that are always trying to drub us down. I’ve found also that people in general are more likely than ever to […]

Sunday 17th May 2020“

Taking positive action sometimes is feared;

During each day you are making small decisions that will affect your lives, your family, and your business some of those decisions could be major one’s and be very important to your future. A lot of those decisions will be made unconsciously talking them through with yourself in your mind. Obviously, some will be made very consciously; this is the way your mind affects your actions and your attitude. Very often I’m sure you’ve caught yourself looking at a course of action and then thought “I really don’t want to do that” so this is when you’ve had to say to yourself. Stop being a “Negaholic” and talking as a looser; become a “Positive” again and start thinking you’re a winner, what you’ve done is to turn it around by a “positive action”


Wednesday 8th April 2020

does it mean when it is suggested that we should always stand 2 metres away
from strangers? In the present situation self-isolation has become the latest “Buzzword”.
So now we are being asked to work from home if it is feasible to do. So in some
people it may be classed as a dream to work from home. However, working on your
own away from an office environment where you generally get a lot of positive
reinforcement and can see the body language from work colleagues around you will
be missed by some people. So, you’ll need a lot of self-confidence and discipline
to get through the day. Working from home does have its benefits but it also
has its challenges. One of the downsides is the possibility of being isolated,
we as human beings tend to be social animals. You may be a person who likes
their own company but when you’re being forced into it as Covid-19 has done you could be
facing some considerable time at home.

up a programme that you can follow during the day and the week, yes. you will need
to discipline yourself and you’re work activities, in other words create a work
regime to get you through what could be loneliness. Over the many years that I
have been working from home, let me say that the most important priority is to
PLAN and use your diary all the time. Some of you will say I don’t have time
for that I must get my work done believing we are being more productive when in
fact we’re wasting time worrying about the tasks and not being focused. We no
longer need to wonder whether working from home is a good idea this isn’t an option
in a lot of cases. The question now is “What are the issues that I have to deal
with now I’m working from home?”

from home does have a lot of merits. The flexibility to be able to plan your
work around your life and not the other way around and the control you now have
with the organising of your work and the hours you can add back into your diary
from not having to commute further than the stroll from your bedroom to your
work station kitchen or dining table means more family time or leisure time to
relax. So chill out, plan your day and enjoy yourself.

Monday 30th March 2020

What are you be doing to place-position yourself better in the market place?

Do you feel you’re doing all you can?

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  1. You need to look very closely at your branding; is it saying to people “this is what I do” or is it portraying nothing that visually appeals?
  2. What is your business card saying to people when you hand it to them? Again, is it saying to people “this is what I do” or is it portraying nothing that visually appeals?
  3. What is your website saying to people? Again, is it saying to people “this is what I do” or is it portraying nothing that visually appeals to them? Remember, you only have 6-12 seconds to make a first impression, “because you will not get a second chance”; well it’s the same on your website do people find what they want within 3-4 clicks?
  4. Are people following you? When I say following you; what I mean is, are you visible to the greater community you move around by virtue of social media and the way your portraying you and your business.
  5. Are you creating an influence on people? You can influence and persuade others when you have built a record of proven results; your results proves that you have acquired the necessary experience to be able to influence and to repeat your successes, therefore avoid pitfalls and failures; even though failure often teaches us far more.
  6. Do people look up to you as an expert in what you do? Therefore, people call on you for advice on their problems facing them because of your expertise, training, education, profession, publications you write and articles because they believe you have special knowledge of a subject beyond the average person.

Monday 7th October 2019

Negaholics, are all around us. They are people who have no direction in life; each week comes and goes; just like the last. Try looking for a few symptoms; they rarely joyful, they always seem to be angry, they are the people who are always thinking negative things about their future, past and the present. They are never satisfied and having negative thoughts about other people and places. I would suggest you avoid them, like the plague, I’ve found these people are very often family and friends, who have the best of intentions at heart.  However, they are so stuck in their way of life that they can’t see the wood for the trees. They will always tell you; you will never manage tis or that, you haven’t got the staying power to succeed at this or that.