Assertive or Dominant

I have found that being “Assertive or Dominant” for the sake of being that way, is not generally a natural behaviour in most people. People are not naturally assertive; they tend to be passive by nature, whereas highly dominant people tend to be driven by their personality and very often because of their insecurity, it […]

7 points of presenting yourself!

7 points of presenting yourself! Whether you are working within an organisation, thinking about starting your own business, running your own business or an executive in a large business, a lot of you will get stage fright when you are told you must present your company to an audience; this is very understandable.  Can I […]

Do you think Success or think Failure?

DOWNLOAD THE FULL ATRICLE BY PRESSING THE IMAGE ABOVE. I have lived my life, with a notion of, “I believe that I will achieve, and succeed”.  I know over the years I have caused a lot of anguish with some of the decisions I have made. You need to have self-belief if you want to […]


From the cannot do – to the can do! Over the years I have found that I have come up against motivational blanks. I have spoken to a lot of my contemporises, entrepreneurs and small business owners who have all experienced these phases at one time or another. The’re times when you feel you just […]

Networking Face-to-Face & Zoom

Networking As far as I see it there are now two types of Networking taking place and this has been brought about because of the Corona-virus Pandemic. Firstly let us go back in time and look at the way we did business 50-100 years ago it was called at the time “The Old Boys Club” […]

Develop your Business Profile

It makes sense that you must have a presence on “Social Media” if you want to move yourself and your business into the future and into 2021. There are many ways to increase your presence and profile in the business world and over the past few months we have discussed them in my “Wednesday Motivational-Networking […]

Attention on Zoom Calls

There are many people who have said to me that they are completely “Zoomed-out” and I must admit I do agree with some of them. One of my issues would be the way people join the meeting; some are always late; and others are not fully prepared for a Networking Meeting. There are many who […]

Do you know your direction?

Monday 10th August 2020 Do you know: What you are doing? Where you are going? How you are going to get there? What you are doing about the future? These are the four basic questions you need to ask yourself NOW. I have heard far too many people on the very many Zoom networking meetings […]


Rejection of your working life sometimes happens for many reasons. It could be through your business not going so well or failing, leaving you without an income, perhaps losing your job, a breakup of a relationship or unfortunately through ill health. Mine was through ill-health. In 2007 I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia; I […]

Networking is cost effective marketing

Guru Geoffrey puts a case forward for networking. “It doesn’t matter whether it’s a breakfast, lunch, evening buffet or a virtual internet meeting; what matters is, who is in the room. Not; it’s only going to be the same old people who will be attending again”. I’ve noticed over the years, I’ve been networking and […]

I’m well known for my visualisation and my natural ability in motivating others. As I’m a true believer that you must have “walked the walk not just talked the walk”. It’s very important to lead from the front and with this I empower people to do the by releasing their full potential and draw out their own dormant natural abilities.

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