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  Tuesday 13th February 2018 Giving encouragement towards others is so helpful as well as hopeful when dealing with people who are a little down and out of sorts, “to give and not to ask for any reward”! Unfortunately, challenges and difficulties are all part of life’s rich pattern so, words of encouragement very often […]


Tuesday 6th February 2018 What you should be doing is to prioritise your time during the day! Over the years, I’m sure that you have had many visions and dreams and on numerous occasions there must have been many people who have said to you; that will never work; these people are just dream-thieves. Ask any successful […]

Confidence- Commitment- Communication- Control

Tuesday 23rd January 2018 Going through life just hoping things will become better is what some people think and indeed expect will happen!  Unfortunately, this does not give us or our family the quality of life we should have or expect. However, I’m sure that you already know that without me saying it. Having come […]

Life Planning & Your Attitude

Tuesday 19th December 2017   Have you written a life-plan? Or do you feel that’s not for you or have you noticed and thought that life is just passing you by, feeling that you’re just living your life from day-to-day?  When all you’re doing is trying make it to the end of the week or the […]


Tuesday 28th November 20117 Perception is something we all have, but sometimes use to the wrong effect. What do I mean by that? Well, firstly we must understand that we, “only have about 8 seconds to make a first impression”; we don’t have a second opportunity; therefore, our first impression makes a lasting impact that […]


The Sinking of “S.S. Somali”, on the 25th March 1941. Seahouses, Northhumberlad Coast. The holiday began with a slow start and grey skies and a heavy sea. Due to refitting the boat that had been booked by organiser, Dereck Shearsmith Leeds Branch, was not available, but our worthy D.O. unknown to many of the diver spent […]

What is a Federation?

  What is a Federation? Article in The News & Views February 1970 By: Ken Crow, Harrogate Branch BSAC An easy question to put but, not an easy one to answer, since the intangible part of such an organisation depends upon the personality of its members. However, two recent events served to remind me of the […]

Northern Federation of Divers NORFED

NORFED Friday 15th September 2017 The real story of NORFED started back in 1955, when leaders of the BSAC, Huddersfield Branch suggested that there might be a closer affiliation between Branches in the North of England and branches in the South of England, apart from the joint expeditions that are taking place. One good point […]

Keys to Success

Keys to Success The 4 C’s Friday 25th August 2017 Keys to success are simple; Confidence, Commitment, Control and Communication.  Confidence: Knowing what to expect and how and why things are done will add to your awareness and usually make you feel more prepared and ultimately more confident. Learning and gaining knowledge will sometimes make […]


Visualisation    Thursday 24th August 2017 What is visualisation? It is the ability to by one person to focus on a destination, end goal or the desire to win/be successful. Do you want to achieve more? Create more? Accomplish anything you set your mind to? Become the person you know you can be? Firstly, write […]