Are you proactive?

Are you proactive

Are you proactive?

Are you proactive?

Lonely path to travel

                                                     Lonely path to travel

I believe, that being proactive is that you are a mix of propelling yourself forward and problem-solving!


I have tried to break it down based on words and wisdom from various eminent mentors I have had and my students, delegates on my workshops, are those on my Mastermind Groups and of course the 50 plus years in business.

It is all about you!

After all, there is no one else that will get you to where you want to go with your life’s ambitions. It is up to you and you alone! Most of your family and friends will be there to support you when you have those down-days, (which you will have) but that is all you can expect from them. Over my years in business, I have realised that others can never succeed for me, I have to take ownership of my own destiny.

On your own in business is a very lonely path to travel and has so many “ups and downs.” I know this to be true, you feel that you are unable to talk to people because you do not want them to think you are incapable of yourself. You do not want to approach friends or family because again you are frightened, they will feel you are a failure. Believe me, there are people out there that are in the same boat you are in and in a lot of cases have been down there where you think you are.

 Be solution-focused!

You must start to develop problem-solving skills; we are all going to or have now run into problems. I have found it is the way you handle them that will make you an effective business person. You must stop focusing on the things that are out of your control, they are here now; so, you must focus and find an effective way of handling the problem by finding an effective and lasting solution. You must concentrate on what you can control that will solve the problem ending up with the best outcome.

 Make your own luck!

Having the right kind of luck is not the right kind of break to come your way or the expectation that you will succeed. It is about your proactive approach; it is by making every day better than the day before by being positive in all you do. Things do not happen just because you think they will, and you really want them to. You must be proactive to make them happen.

You must be consistent!

Success is not about you getting everything correct immediately. It is about being very consistent all the time and doing things regularly in a disciplined manner.

  • Are you consistently and proactively taking those steps every day to steadily move forward towards your objectives?
  • When you come up against obstacles do you continue to keep chasing a seemingly insurmountable problem?
  • Are you being constant and dogmatic in what you are doing?

I have found that by taking small steps, even though they do not seem much at the time, by doing them day in day out you will always move forward on the path to your success.

Do you act before thinking?

Take a quick look at this video please:

Act before thinking


Are you surrounded by the right people?

When you surround yourself with the right people, as long as they are effective and proactive themselves this is the proven way to help you succeed, this is why I run my Motivational-Networking Groups and make sure they are full of positive people. Being in the company of “Highly Positive” people in a Zoom meeting is an excellent motivator. When you are in the company of driven people and not with the “Negaholics” as I call them is very reassuring and breeds tremendous cross-fertilisation of ideas leading you to be “positively charged and fired up.” Negative people are like quicksand, they will slowly drag you down into the depths of anguish and depression, which of course does not help in any way. They slow you down without you knowing it, that is until you wake up and realize by their laziness, they have tarnished your ideas. (I have on a few occasions in my life been dragged down by one or two myself).

Finally, if you are really going to accomplish those visions, dreams and goals and create the life you are focused on, you must realise that “the things you tell yourself will affect all the actions you take.” Whether it is the spoken word, you say out loud, or that persistent and nagging voice in your head, it is the things you tell yourself each day that are the forecaster of what will happen in your life in the future.

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