Monday 4th January Blog

Over the years I have been in business, and now I am helping people with the knowledge and understanding I have.

I know that many of you who will be reading this today will have planned your 2021. However, I know that there will be many of you who have just not bothered. That does not matter too much as long as you intend to NOW!

The 1st January has always been seen for new opportunities so, even with Covid around but with the Oxford vaccine being started today we should have a strong feeling for success and become very pro-active in our approach to our annual business planning. After all, it is a very important part of the growth of you and your business. So, what have you done about it? January is generally a quiet time for most people, so it is a great time to start planning. Look at what you have achieved over the last quarter and the last year where you want to get in your first quarter this year then build on that; every business is different so it is an individual choice of how you will achieve this.

On Wednesday, 6th January in my Motivational-Networking I will be getting you to discuss this very subject and will pass out some ideas, so please follow the link through Eventbrite to book a place they are limited.

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