30th November 2020


People measure success in many different ways. During the lockdown through the Coronavirus there are people who have just moaned saying; “sod it I’m just going to carry on the same way I have always done”. We all know where that has led us to as a country. There are those who have said “OK This is what I should do” and listened to what the politicians and scientists have said. So can you tell me what the best way was, or is? What do you feel?  I for one am fed up listening to people on Zoom networking pontificating. “Success equals money and wealth” and just carry on seeming not to want to help others who are less fortunate than they are!

I believe the most important key to success in your life is to know and understand the meaning of success for your own personal life! The true meaning goes far beyond the definitions of success, such as having loads of money, being wealthy, having large properties, big cars and lots of tangible assets. It is the opposite, true success in life cannot be measured just with financial wealth and the things I mentioned above.

You are the only person who can define your situation and answer the questions above.  I am not in the position nor would I be willing to describe a definition to making you a success, that would be impossible.

Let us be honest, if you believe you can reach the success you are after whatever that success may be, then it is up to you to “turn that tiny spark in your belly into a raging inferno”. Every one of us has a different interpretation of being prosperous and giving our family the best that we can, but at what cost?  We must understand that there will never be a definition of success that will be suitable for all people.

I do tell my mentees that they are the only ones who can work out what they must accomplish in their lives to gain success and prosperity in general. Once they have figured out what is important for their family and themselves then and only then will they be able to concentrate on their visions and dreams and start to plan their goals for 2021.

I believe the meaning of my success is to try to live a happy life for my family, friends, mentees and all those people who follow me by trying to make life easier for over the five thousand plus followers I have on the various business and social media site I have.

If you feel that you would like some support, please get in touch on the contact page of my website.

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