23rd November 2020

The Malmaison Liverpool 2008

I am a person who always believes that “the glass is always half full never half empty”. So, I have thought that Monday is fantastic because it is the start of the week for seeing customers and prospecting for new ones, which naturally means making money to survive.

I do understand that there are a lot of people who will disagree with me and do not like Monday’s; maybe you are one of them! I believe that Monday mornings are generally a disliked time of the week.

Do you keep putting off your to-do list until Monday? I personally feel it is time to stop thinking a new week means a new you and start to set realistic goals not, “I will start on Monday.”

How many have said that before? If that is you; you are either incredibly self-motivated or good at lying! After all, it does not really matter what you are setting out to achieve, you are more than likely one of the many who thinks it will be better starting it off, after the weekend. A very practical way is always that to start something on a Monday does make sense, it is very much like a “New-Year’s” resolution, but invariably these never come to fruition.

It does seem a good time to refresh, the “New week, New me” mentality. Mind you every time Sunday arrives; you end up starting on a revised plan for the week adding into it whatever it was you did not do last week. For a lot of people, setting their goals for the new week can help them because it does set a clear start date and time to start. It does give you a chance to create a vision of the “old you” in the past and maybe the potential of a possible “new you” in the future.

Let us look back to the end of last week, was it a cause to celebrate? You should never celebrate until you have made your plan-goals for next week. So, have you bothered too?  All that you want to accomplish for next week will be at the front of your mind, it makes sense to write it down straight away. However, there is another very good reason; If you try to start the Monday with a plan for the week, you will waste time on Monday working out what, where, or who to see, in other words you will be starting off on the back foot and a step behind.

When you have planned your week, month, out in advance then you can relax a little because you will have every day in the week-month planned. All you need to do is to add things to it as they arise.

My book “5 Keys to Selling” covers the various ways I used to plan and it was based on many years out in the field of selling “business to business”. With a fully thought out plan as well as the “journey plan” worked out you will certainly have a very much more productive week-month in front of you reaching those goals you really need and want to achieve.

Switch off at the weekends

How often do you check your emails on Saturday morning while you are having your morning coffee? Or worse still when you are catching up with a friend and your mobile phone goes off and it is work related? This is your weekend it is a time to have with the family or maybe just some “me time” on your own. I have been there I used to be always working at the weekends I did do my best to give my children my time but I know I fell short; so, please don’t let this be a norm with you.

While it might be very tempting to keep up with the business and correspondence, what is it going to achieve? Considering you will not be able to do anything about it until you actually get in on Monday morning. Try taking the weekend and actually relax. Having some downtime will improve that work-life balance you keep promising your family, believe it or not it will make you feel fresh and ready to hit the Monday and the week running.

Try to work hard during the week and play hard at the weekends if you can!  As you can see, I have always tried very hard to try to balance my Sub Aqua Diving with my work.

Leeds 115 Branch “Fort Bovisand 1975”
Merseyside No5 Branch Oban 1986



NORFED Capernwray 1st dive of the 2019 season.

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