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Monday 2nd November 2020

Success in business depends on providing a product or service with a value that meets your customer’s expectations. Unfortunately, many small business entrepreneurs fail within a short period of time because they do not effectively communicate with their prospective customers the benefits of the product or service that they are providing.

This is particularly true of many home-based businesses, who have been misled into believing the myth that “if you design, manufacture and build it, customers will come to you” a lot of start-up internet business entrepreneurs believe this; absolute nonsense.

What you must do is to get the acceptance of what you are selling from them. It will now depend on how well you are able to represent your business in the minds of your prospective customers.  If you are sure that your offer is good quality and value, then your next step will be to get that information across into the marketplace. Generating business by networking and being very pro-active is all about promoting yourself, consistently networking you and your product. Advertising and promotions alone will not work in isolation, especially now more than ever you must get on to Zoom networking groups.

When Marketing and advertising fails

If you have spent time and resources putting together and writing a Business-plan you would have spent considerable time working out your original advertising and marketing strategy or should have.  A problem you now face is, how effective has that strategy been. Has it been a waste of time and money? What should be concerning you at this point is; have I been sticking to it religiously?

A lot of business owners start to think that because it does not seem to be working now, it is wrong, and say “I must stop and save money”. I must change what I am doing. Try a different advert in this paper or in that paper and try developing a new marketing strategy, hopeful of bringing in more business. Wrong, becausetheir new campaign becomes ineffective. Why?  Generally, it is because of knee-jerk reaction, an irrelevant message is being sent out, because they are probably using the wrong advertising medium, or not hitting at their niche market. I am certainly not an advertising guru and would not attempt to be one.

What my suggestions would be are:  

  • To achieve your advertising and marketing goals, you need to, go back to square one, go back to when your strategy was working, in other words go back to your original Business-plan. You need to develop that winning formula again that was effective in the past, it was a good message, it placed you in the correct market position. 
  • The message you originally sent out was, “believable and relevant” it was the one that you started with, having full conviction in portraying your “vision and dreams”.
  • To remember when you have the correct strategy and your (USP) “Unique Selling Point” is positioned correctly, you will drive sales. So, when the right message is being sent to the marketplace, it will again become more effective.
  • Start looking for Zoom networking Groups because that is one of the only ways you will be able to pro-actively find new contacts and perhaps new clients and customers.

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