From the cannot do – to the can do!

Over the years I have found that I have come up against motivational blanks. I have spoken to a lot of my contemporises, entrepreneurs and small business owners who have all experienced these phases at one time or another. The’re times when you feel you just cannot think straight and worry; “how will I kick-start life into me”, do not worry it’s just a blip. Very often it seems to manifest itself when you have set yourself a large target or a larger than normal goal to aim for.

There are times you’re doing everything the same way you have done for a long time and yet it’s as though one of those “negaholics” has crawled inside you’re brain and is saying to you “stay in your comfort-zone”. You know you are doing everything correct, you’ve set your plan, you’ve set yourself sufficient time to complete the project, but you can’t kick-start yourself into action. Your “negaholic” friend has been activated and you have got so many thoughts going through your mind. I am sure you understand the sort of things, they sound like.

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