As far as I see it there are now two types of Networking taking place and this has been brought about because of the Corona-virus Pandemic.

Firstly let us go back in time and look at the way we did business 50-100 years ago it was called at the time “The Old Boys Club” in other words “Networking” for the well heeled businessman. They were known as, The Golf Club, The Rotary, The Round Table, The Masons, The Rowing Club, The Tennis Club, The RAC Motoring Club, The Carlton Club and countless other clubs dotted all around the country.

Over the years there have been many Networking clubs I think the most well known one must be the BNI with clubs all over the world. It is an American networking founded by Ivan Misner back in 1985. It has over a quarter of a million members with over 9000 breakfast type clubs where members meet weekly and discuss business and support each other.

There are so many networking clubs around the United Kingdom that I could not possibly name them all; it might be an idea to try to compile a list of them! One of the things that has happened is that Covid-19 did stop all the clubs meeting in person so then they turned to interfacing on line using the likes of Zoom, which I use very successfully as some of you well know.

Most business networking groups love to boast that they offer the best opportunities for the budding entrepreneur or business owner can do for themselves. One of the good things business networking groups offer is the chance to learn from experts. The main reason why they work is because it is a group of like-minded peers, you have the opportunity to forge new partnerships and extend your business network at the same time. Traditionally networking groups are based on face-to-face however the nature of these meetings has changed. Today’s business owners are spending their time interacting virtually with their customers and not jus locally but on a global scale. Although a lot of business networking groups have tried to maintain their face-to-face meetings there are now a great many that have modernised and moved their meetings on to on-line ones.

I have tried to add an other dimension into the equation to make it more inviting and that has been to couple this Monday Blog I put on my website and then to discuss it with the group on my 1-30pm Wednesday “Motivational & Networking Group”. I do feel that by adding a motivational element into the meeting it has brought the group together into an interactive and cohesive one.

Although I do understand that some people will miss the atmosphere of the meetings and the great banter that takes place. A drawback has always been the time people have to travel to these meetings so by the time they get back to their office it could well be 3-4 hours that has eaten into their day; please, “I am not running them down at all”. What I am saying is that with meetings now being on-line, means that where as in the past people could possibly only manage to go to one or maybe two in the week and meeting up with maybe 30-50 people and exchanging cards with them, you can now tap into perhaps one a day for about an hour and a half, this would give you the opportunity of seeing and speaking to possibly over 120 people per week from the comfort of your home or office meaning that the exponential growth of your personal network would be fantastic.

I feel the importance of networking is that all who attend need to know that they will come away from each meeting will be a few “Action Points”. Points that will help them feel they have something to be worked on before the next meeting. And that all will be able to action them and implement them into their own businesses.

This is not just any old business network, this is for these few people who do want to change, to learn, to develop their knowledge and most of all want to help others.

Now membership is FREE until the “Wednesday 30th September 2020”.

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