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It makes sense that you must have a presence on “Social Media” if you want to move yourself and your business into the future and into 2021.

There are many ways to increase your presence and profile in the business world and over the past few months we have discussed them in my Wednesday Motivational-Networking Groups”. Social Media is a very powerful tool if you use it wisely and you separate it from family and friends; I have made this mistake myself and now am having to row backwards (metaphorically speaking) so I will now try to let you know the way I am working which I am pleased to say is working well for me.

Creating an online professional profile is an amazingly simple but effective way of getting your name into the industry you are trying to break into.

Building an online presence will help you to expand your network of contacts, develop a strong reputation that will precede you and open up doors to new opportunities that you may not have heard about otherwise, when you were on the hunt for your next role. In other words, the world is now your oyster. GurugeoffreyBusinessPage

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