Monday 10th August 2020

Take positive Action

Do you know:

  • What you are doing?
  • Where you are going?
  • How you are going to get there?
  • What you are doing about the future?

These are the four basic questions you need to ask yourself NOW. I have heard far too many people on the very many Zoom networking meetings I attend and on my own motivational & networking open group that I run every Wednesday at 1-30pm (BST) unable to answer. This surprises me… because when asked what direction they are taking their business in and what changes they have made because of the present situation and how they have planned for the next 12 months they cannot answer other than to waffle.

Before we move on we must understand that Covid-19 has knocked us all out of kilter, we are all working in unknown territory at this present time and therefore we will have to reconstruct and realise the need to adapt to change around us. There is so much change with the daily information being fed to us from government and the press that quite naturally we are feeling somewhat lost in what we are doing!

If you have not in the past completed a SWOT analysis, then I would suggest you do so. SWOT analysis are one of the best ways to look at yourself with honesty and integrity. You can obtain a FREE copy from my website on the shop page.

  • If we look first at “what you are doing”. Something that is missing in all of us, is the direction we are moving in. We should think seriously about going back to square one and look very hard at what we are doing now and will it be the correct direction for myself and my business to move in? “I decided to shake up what services I was providing and could that be streamlined to take me further so I gave myself a total revamp and spoke to a few close mentors who were friends as well and talked it through”. Asking for help is a sign of strength and not weakness as a lot of people think.  
  • The second is “Where you are going”. This is to look at the changes that you will need to make based on what you learned from speaking to your mentors and the colleagues you know and trust. You have looked at what you have been doing and the changes you need to make to take yourself and business forward through the uncertain times ahead. “I decided to look at revamping my website first and am still doing it as I write this, then to look at how I was talking to the people who were following me”.
  • The third thing “How you are going to get there” Again, this should be looked at with a very focussed mind. Having now worked out what you are doing, and where you are going, you now need to plan yourself and draw up a marketing strategy. You could gain some insight through my “Business Start-up Unit 2” which covers what needs to be done. “What I did when lockdown took over our lives was to work out a procedure of being able to write my blog on my website, which was then picked up by my Mailchimp which in turn sent it out to my Linkedin page, my Twitter page and then to my “Success the Choice is Yours” Facebook business page, all this was scheduled to go live at 07-00 hrs all at the same time”.  Again, I sought help from a few people and give a thank you to Kate Iliott of Versatile event management for the guidance and support I was given.
  • For my fourth point today “What you are doing about the future” Having worked on the three points above you now should look at the especially important point which is the execution of how you will do it. To weather the force of what is happening around you and, in my opinion, will rage on at least till the end of 2020.

My approach and suggestions are:

  • Look at the products or services you are providing or doing.
  • Write up or have one drawn up for you a full business plan to the end of2020.
  • Develop one for the next 2-3 years of where you want your business and yourself to go and be.
  • Seek help from the people who have been through these type of problems in their lives before it is a strength and not a weakness; it is a logical and practical way to go.

There are going to be hundreds of thousands of people losing their jobs, being made redundant and a lot of businesses going to the wall. Covid-19 will be around us for the next few years so it will only be those people who now put plans in place who will survive. Please make sure that you are not one of them; start by restructuring and being extremely hard and practical.

If you would like to talk I give a 30 minute FREE Zoom call so go to my website contact page to receive more guidance.

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