Rejection-lost focus

Rejection of your working life sometimes happens for many reasons. It could be through your business not going so well or failing, leaving you without an income, perhaps losing your job, a breakup of a relationship or unfortunately through ill health. Mine was through ill-health. In 2007 I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia; I was concerned about what was going to happen to me and my family now! OK, I was dealt a tough call, but life must go on, so I said I will as well!

Having achieved a comfortable life with a great wife and extended family I could have just sat back and done nothing but as usual I was searching for the sunrise; the sunrise that happens every day “the same as I also will as well”. Rejection is one of the most difficult things to handle by anyone, even business leaders, it is the fear of rejection! Rejection in some cases can be followed by some people committing suicide.

It has also caused many people to be discouraged, ruining bright futures and dazzling careers. After all your destination is greatness, not shame, you’re alone today and there are not many people who want to be associated with you (I’ve been there) so, I’m going to challenge you today to rise up from despondency and start to think positively and develop a capacity of character, don’t let rejection by anyone discourage you, let it re-direct you!

Lastly, I am yet to see anyone who has been great once who has never had a rejection in their life. I’m yet to see anyone who was once rejected who did not end up great. So, do not let rejection distract or discourage you from following your dreams and desires but let it re-direct you.

One thing that has always kept me going is to wake up with a clear and positive attitude and to make the day ahead count in some small way for others as well as myself.

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