Guru Geoffrey puts a case forward for networking.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s a breakfast, lunch, evening buffet or a virtual internet meeting; what matters is, who is in the room. Not; it’s only going to be the same old people who will be attending again”.

Networking Skills

I’ve noticed over the years, I’ve been networking and never really knew it.  Networking has been called by various names; the one that sticks in my mind more than any other is the “Old Boys” network. 

The first time I was invited to attend a business breakfast networking event was in 2001, it was to a BNI breakfast meeting in Liverpool United Kingdom.  My next door neighbour invited me; he said it would be good for me to attend, mind you, having to be there for 06:45hrs seemed a little crazy but he said there was a place for me if I would like to attend for a couple of weeks as his guest to see if I enjoyed it.  The thing that I was not too sure about was doing a short “one minute” presentation to about thirty to forty business people who would be present. 

Never mind, it was certainly a very good move on my part for myself and the business I was representing, “The Utility Warehouse”. I must say now, looking back over the years; getting up for that first breakfast meeting has been very beneficial for me and by the way, I am still involved with that company as an independent distributor, so it proves that networking really does work.

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