Your Core-Values

Before making career or life planning decisions, it is important to do some research first by defining your core-values and your own personal criteria for “success”. Your criteria should be clearly established in your mind then regularly updated on your changing circumstance and the lessons you have learned over time. Otherwise making quick decisions could send you off in a wrong direction, perhaps a direction you really did not want to go.

I have found that going back to square one really does help concentrate the mind, by identifying your choices and your deep routed core-values. To do this you need to ask yourself some very searching questions. You must be completely honest with yourself. Kidding yourself and putting things down that are untrue will not help you make the correct decisions and do not help.

Your core-values are your traits and qualities that you consider worthwhile and very important to you. They represent your highest priorities and deeply held beliefs they are your driving forces. When you are in an organisation you bring your deeply held core-values and beliefs to that organisation or business, there they mingle with the values of other members, helping to create a better organisation or family culture which you are very comfortable with and are able to work within.

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