True ambition

The sun always rises somewhere in the world

Monday 13th July 2020

There is only one place to look for true ambition and that is within yourself. It is in every thought and movement, it is the fire in your belly, your self-confidence, your motivation, and your self-belief. Your ambition is the expression of you and what you truly are and do; it is your own self-expression and the way you carry yourself and how you look upon yourself.

True ambition is sometimes confused with aspiration. Ambition is your characteristic and temperament; it is persistent and pervasive. A person cannot alter their ambition any more than they can alter any other character trait; having achieved one goal the truly ambitious person soon formulates another for which to keep on striving for.

Ambition is sometimes thought of as a form of greed, or possibly the acceptable face of greed, which can be defined as the excessive craving for more than what is needed or deserved. Greediness reduces your focus in the pursuit of its object. Ambition, in contrast, is more flexible and far-reaching, and can enable you to flourish and contribute to the flourishing of others. Ambitious people are generally willing to step into fear and anxiety, they are better able to tolerate this fear. Maybe because they are more courageous, committed or driven and so may well be able to minimise their fear. Generally ambitious people act with purpose allowing themselves room to explore, experiment and discover.

Extremely ambitious people are sensitive to resistance and failure and experience an almost constant dissatisfaction or frustration. These are people forever looking back over their shoulder at the past, so ambitious people live with the noose of failure hanging about their necks. Indeed, it is the fear of failure that checks the ambition of all but the most courageous, or rash, of people. Just as mania can end in hopelessness, so ambition can end in anguish and despair.

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