Self-discipline should be considered as a type of selective training; it’s creating new habits of thought, action and of course speech. This naturally will help towards improving what you do, it will also help when reaching for those visions, dreams, desires, and goals you’ve been striving toward.

Self-discipline can be task oriented and is very selective, it is one of the last steps you take when bringing together all that you have learned and more importantly that you have put into practice. You should view self-discipline as an incredibly positive strength, rather than one of denial. This will be a trait that for most of you may have to be developed. It is something we all need because it is a vital characteristic of entrepreneurial and successful people. Why? Basically, nothing easy appears as it seems, there will always be unforeseen problems and challenges in the direction and path you have chosen and the visions and goals you’re after achieving.

To keep on overcoming setbacks, you must persevere and be strong. One of my recent “Thought for the Day” stated it quite well; “Set your goals high and don’t stop trying till you get there.” If you have any sort of problem you must persevere and be strong, excessive habits foster very low-esteem and result in a lack of confidence. If you do suffer from any obsessions and find difficulty in controlling yourself, you may blame or punish yourself. The reverse can also be true, low self-esteem will cause some of the problems; this of course is the vicious circle. 

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