Monday 22nd June 2020

What do you think you are? Is it your motivation that drives you forward? Or is it; “The Will to Want to Win?” Is it the burning desire inside you to those around you that keeps you motivated?

However, staying motivated is the key to your success. Motivation is really about your own pro-activity, your own personal commitments to your visions, dreams, desires, and goals. It is about having a great deal of drive and that will-to-want to “Succeed”.  It comes from within you that small spark inside you that turns into a raging inferno, a fire that starts deep inside you. Ask any person who is successful what really motivates them, and they are more than likely to tell you it is “Targets and Goals”.

I have always been driven by setting targets and goals and find even today at 77years of age; that I still get a kick out of setting my own targets and goals. Motivation is what drives me towards my targets and goals, what gets me up in the morning and get me to do my 20minutes of exercise religiously each and every day.

If you have ever had a goal such as wanting to lose 20 pounds as I have or running the London Marathon like my youngest daughter did in 2008, you need to realise that simply having the desire to accomplish something is not enough. Achieving a goal requires the ability to persist through all obstacles and having the endurance and determination to succeed despite all the difficulties they present. You will need to have the activation which involves a decision to initiate a behaviour. In other words, to set a plan with a date to aim for. Then you will need persistence which is the continuing planed effort towards the end goal even when you know that there will be obstacles to overcome.

We all experience fluctuations in our behaviour, motivation and the willpower which can be extremely stretched. There are times when we feel very fired up and highly driven to reach those destinations, while unfortunately at times we feel listless and unsure of what we want or even how will we achieve it.

Life has some horrible twists and turns but one thing I have always found is that as long as I persevere, I will always succeed, even through the most trying of times. The sun will always rise tomorrow so we know that when tomorrow comes it will be the first day of the rest of our lives.