Monday 15th June 2020

Focus on the Journey, not the Destination.

In today’s hustle and bustle, why are people so determined to rush from A-to-B toward their destination? Is it our careers, conversations, business start-up, travels or generally just going at it without planning an outcome, or, is life just a constant and continuing pattern? So, tell me please; what is the rush? I am sure you will find that the first part of this journey is happening right under your nose. Now what if this is as good as it is going to get, and we have been focusing on the next big mountain ahead of us and yet we do not even realise it? Our lives are moving so very quickly that we are missing out on the best part of our journey. The experience has surely and must be those moments in between the start and the destination. In the getting there, those transit moments they are the times we do not even realise are passing us by at a great rate of knots. They are the moments we need to live for, so don’t you feel it is about time you started realising it!

Big decisions like big goals can be very scary, they are intimidating, they stare back at you, they make you feel very indecisive and afraid of coming out of your “comfort-zone”. You tell yourself; I could start this tomorrow; have you noticed that tomorrow is a comforting friend that is always promising you a fresh start? However, before you do start you must find the plan…. So, if you are not careful there will be many more “tomorrows” that will pass you by and your good intentions and motivations will run dry. Suddenly, all your gaol, desires and dreams have quietly slipped to the back of your mind, yet again deferred to another time in the future.

Please start to think about your own life so far. Have you arrived at your destination yet? Have you achieved everything you set out to do? Finished everything you have ever wanted to accomplish? I am willing to say that your answer would be “No”!

I have to say no matter how much we try to achieve, accomplish, and acquire throughout our lives; there will always be something more we would like to do. After all you will never reach your ultimate destination at least not in this life.

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