Change for the better

Monday 1st June 2020

Change for the better is about you! It’s about the details of your life, the specific environment, your desires, dreams and aspirations as well as your motivation in striving to fulfil a full and healthy life. You must understand that your life is a journey taking one day at a time but planned into the future, so one way to change for the better is to accept that there are many things that are out of control. However, what is in your control is your attitude, resilience, perspective and how you react to situations that life throws at you.

Success in life and in business, requires constant re-appraisal, change and development; it should always be treated “as a work in progress”. Therefore, the past must be erased, it is gone, there is nothing you can do about it, forgotten and discarded completely. Your future should be worked at and you should start planning where you want to go and how you will reach it. Your need to embrace the view of yourself in relation to past events in your life as well as your attitude towards what is happening around you to. It means taking responsibility for the things in your life by managing the problems by finding solutions to enable you to sort them out; not brush them under the counter. You can begin to change for the better by standing tall and face all your adversities with a new vigour of the new YOU.

You feel as though you have no control of your life which if not checked will lead to stagnation, depression, helplessness and perhaps hopelessness.  To change your life and not feeling so stuck ask yourself; are you living your life or is your life ruling you? There are people who have negative thoughts about themselves when life does not work out the way they want or imagined. It is a normal reaction but that does not mean it can’t be changed

We are now 5 months into 2020; how is your 2020 plan working out? Have looked to the future and changed your ideas?

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