Tuesday 26th May 2020

When times become difficult, persistence in what you’re doing is undoubtedly the greatest principle we should adopt. I say this because most of us unfortunately are generally surrounded by “Negaholics” that are always trying to drub us down. I’ve found also that people in general are more likely than ever to give up on their desires, visions, dreams and goals if they are not persistent and determined in what they want to do, which can very easily lead to failure.

Persistence in all you do, both in your home as well as business will develop and bring out your self-confidence coupled with a good mental attitude. If this is followed with consistent action, coupled with challenging work, you will always bring the success you’re after, remember, “the choice is always yours”. Comments are very “Pro-Active” in building your business so do not be frightened in asking for them. Comments are also good for my “Web-Blog” as well.

It is incredible how often in the past persistence has proven to be the difference between success and failure. History is full of examples of people who have achieved great success despite repeated failures and seemingly insurmountably challenges that they faced. Persistent people have a goal or vision in mind that motivates and drives them. They are often dreamers and visionaries who see their lives as having a higher purpose than simply earning a living. Persistent people want it bad, bad, and they never look for an excuse or a way out. What keeps highly persistent people going is their powerful level of desire.

I am running (2) Zoom Networking meetings each week because I believe that those who are working from home would like to say hello to others in same situation.

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