Thought for the Week!

Monday 23rd March 2020

The present situation we are facing with Covid 19 is not nice at all.
The uncertainty regarding so many people’s future as well as the country in
general being so up in the air! With all these stupid and horrible people panic
buying; “why”. We are being told and have been told for the last few
weeks, that there would be plenty to go around. All the people on the front
line especially our NHS need to be given the chance of getting their food
shopping in, so they will be able to “KEEP LOOKING AFTER US” when and if
we ourselves need it.

We as leaders in our own fields of operations
must try to remember that “The Glass is Half Full” It is essential
that this is how we portray ourselves to others and stop listening to all the “Negaholics”
around us.

of you know my own position with having no immune system due to my Chronic
Myeloid Leukaemia and other underlying problems. So, I have been for many weeks
working from home mentoring over Zoom and Skype. I have a very disciplined
routine I follow which now more than ever I must retain, especially coming up
to my 77th birthday next month. I will still, if I’m able, get up,
shower and dress as though I’m going out to work. Go for my usual short walk after
breakfast every day, 15-20 minutes. (As long as I’m able too). I have been
self-isolating myself for the past 3 weeks anyway and will carry on with the
instructions given to me by the Government.

is going to be strange and hard for us all but we must think of others who are
less fortunate than ourselves Let us be good Christians and not clear the shelves
in some of the supermarkets but leave enough.

comment if you have a positive point to make. If you’re one of those doom and
gloom Negaholics; don’t bother