One-to-One over Zoom

A mentor is a role-model and a guide; a Mentor has been there before. They are generally
ahead of the game; they have a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge
about many subjects.

It’s very important for both the Mentor and the Mentee to learn and grow their selves because in the period of time they will spend together, a bond of mutual trust will be drawn up, very often without either party realising it.  The Mentor will generally pass on their wisdom, experiences and knowledge to the Mentee who is following them.

So when they Mentor someone, they are being a role-model to that person, [to their Mentee] they guide someone, they support and they can do it; Why?  Because they, very often have already faced the challenges or problems before; they have often hit the same brick-walls as their mentee is facing.  So they are able to offer solutions that the Mentee can look into and if they decide to they can use it in their own creative way.

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