Friday 4th October 2019

When you’re trying to sell yourself, products or your services, the next step is; making sure that you’re always ready to close the sale. Now, that doesn’t mean you’re going to be closing all your presentations and getting orders. However, it does mean that you should always be looking for the next step, which of course is the buying signal and be ready to close at the first sign of one, even if you’re only minutes into your presentation. I have over the years witnessed a lot of lost sales because the salesperson has not been watching for the next step and therefore missed the buying signals. They have just carried on with the presentation till they had finished. The next step could mean just as you have started your presentation or halfway through it, remember the prospective buyer may desperately need what you have straight away. So many salespeople will insist that they must finish their presentation/demonstration at all cost, and this is often meaning they don’t get the sale. How many times has this happened to you? #gurugeoffrey in

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