For you and your business to succeed you really need to go back to square one; to look inside yourself.  There is a seed there and always has been. However, what have you done about it? Have you placed yourself in the correct environment for it to germinate? Do you know when you’re in the right environment to educate yourself or have you carried on meeting the same old friends you’ve had since you where young?  Remember education does not stop at the school gates the day you left. Continuous Professional Development known as (CPD) e.g. education; must carry on so that the seed will carry on growing; “educare” is Latin “to lead forth, to draw out” which in our case means; learning where we can, what we can and therefore mixing with the right people also, being in the right place and in the correct environment at the right time. When you’re mixing with other professional business people you’re going to be drawing out your own latent talents that have been hidden inside you. So, when you’re listening intently to other successful entrepreneurs, this is when you start programming your mind, as to what you have inside.  

Working toward having Success through Confidencemeans thatyour intentions must be in this learning system (CPD); your real response will not be so much as to make an impression but to leave your imprint on those other people you’re talking to. You will let them think wow; I want to be with this person, I want to rub shoulders with them again. This is when your CONFIDENCE will take a tremendous leap forward. I feel that when you are prepared to admit and to realise that you’re on a very long and sometimes steep learning curve and that you don’t necessarily know it all but do realise that your all individuals who desire and to thrive by learning as much as you can.  However, in that process of learning you’re going to have to re-learn a lot of the things you do over again but this time from a different prospective. Now by re-aligning those things again you’re inviting your inner being to grow to another level.

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