“You don’t have to have the best products or the best prices you do however need to provide an outstanding service and then you will have an outstanding future.”

I have been asked by some of my internet followers would I expand on my “Thought for the Day’s” blog.

What can one say regarding the above quote?  Well first of all we would not stay in business very long if we made or sold inferior products and if those products or services were sold at exorbitant prices, also, if we gave terrible service.  However at times we are in the vagaries of the market and the old saying of “supply and demand”.  We should understand the various combinations of product – price – service sometimes do get very mixed up, in certain public institutions some buyers will only buy on price, while others will buy on quality. 

I have been involved during my lifetime in business on both sides, looking at the manufacturing first, I have always tried to make sure that I provided the best quality and charged a fair and equitable figure for the finished product and always tried to maintain an outstanding service. 

On the purchasing side I was always looking for the best price that was available; this could mean forward ordering for goods to be delivered regularly over a period of time, sometimes if room was available I would buy larger quantities at a better price, sometimes I would be asking discount on early settlement.

Whatever our business is, we should always try to stay ahead of our competitors; this is done by giving the best quality product at the best price and giving first class service, before during and after, by providing an outstanding service is defiantly a recipe for a long sustained time in business.  

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