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Tuesday 29th January 2019

Personal support of others is one of human natures attributes that we all have; as well as being one of the keys to you being successful. You should think back at the way over the years you have built and strengthened your own personal persona. The way you are looked up to and the amount of personal support you’re been giving to others around you. Personal support often is something that people forget and don’t understand, you may be strong on the outside but, just like a lot of people you need support as well, after my“Quadruple heart bypass and being diagnosed with later with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia” I needed that personal support and received it in abundance. Unfortunately, there are lots of people who will still demand a lot from you without thinking that you also need support from them as well.

Personal support from friends or family members does provide you with the motivation you need, often there are times those close to you are either too busy or not able to see your situation clearly. Your shared past, your roles, and who you have been can get in the way of those close to you seeing who you are today and not who you can be and could become. If the person you turn to for support is seeing you for whom you were, it can be difficult for them to see who you are wanting to become. Sometimes you just need someone outside to talk to you about your desires, dreams, goals, your hopes, doubts and the fears you have. Someone who can listen objectively and someone who is able to unconditionally support you in moving forward with your life. As well as recognising the potential you have within you. Have you, or, are you in this position yourself? If you are you need to make a stand and say, say no more to the takers and concentrate on the givers they are the unsung heroes of this world. Whether you can do that is conjectural; it’s probably not in your nature to say NO.

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