Do you often feel stressed due to your workload being too heavy? Do you feel as though you have more tasks than you have time to deal with? Or could you effectively use your time to complete all the tasks given to you? You must look outside the box to organise all the tasks and jobs you’re being given during the day to use your time more effectively and therefore being able to get more things done each day. Time management is a skill that is learned over time and takes time to develop and is different in each individual person’s case. You just need to find what will work best for you.

I’ve found, over the years that there are people who will not ask for help because they feel they could be made to feel inadequate. This is nonsense, please don’t try to do all the work yourself. Try to never overload yourself by doing everything, people will always take advantage of a busy person, some people such as your family will; if given the chance and if you let them. Work colleagues will as well so, by managing your time more effectively it will make your life a lot easier for you. This is of course up to you being prepared to share and delegate, helping you to be able to do more important tasks effectively. It is a very common phenomenon for busy people to take on more tasks and jobs than is desired, this does often lead to stress and burnout.  Delegation is not running away from responsibilities but is an important function of management it shows good leadership. You need to learn the art of delegating your work and tasks to your subordinates by giving them responsibility and increasing their skill set and stretching their own responsibilities as well.

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