Positive Attitude


“When you’re working through the day do you comprehend that you’re sending out thought-signals all the time? It’s very important that you should be thinking positive thoughts and not negative ones. I would like to challenge you; to only think positive things happening to you. Send out those positive signals, think about what you want and stay away from negative thoughts and especially those “Negaholics”. These are the people who will drag you down. Who would you rather be with? Someone who is always down in the dumps or someone who always seems to be and acts by seeing the good that’s all around them, even when things aren’t necessarily so.

Today we are living in a very fast-moving environment with the ability to communicate throughout the world in seconds. We must face the fact that worries, and tensions are continuously around us; from the time we wake in the morning till we go to bed. Trying to maintain what we call a “positive attitude” can be very disconcerting. Quite often the more we try to keep a positive attitude the more difficult it is to maintain. Every day when we go out we are being constantly bombarded by negative energy around us, by all the “Negaholic” people who can and will make us even more negative if we don’t stop them.

One thing that I’ve learnt in my life is that we should always be true to ourselves, to empower ourselves by having positive attitude and always being pro-active.

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