Tuesday 1st May 2018

If we fixate on negative thoughts, it will affect all aspects of our life. So, we should learn to be mindful of our “internal dialogue” which does help to recognise our thought patterns and how they could affect the way we are able to deal with situations we face in our daily lives. A lot of the time when we tune into our “internal dialogue” some very negative. Some thoughts are very common, such as; “I could never do that”, “I’ve tried, and it didn’t work” and the favourite I hear from students and clients; “what if I fail?” it does impact on the way we behave. I’ve found that some stress can be associated to our negative “internal dialogue” and in turn can affect our life in general as well as our work. If we become stressed, certain hormones circulate through our bodies and when released, they are harmless. However, if produced all the time they can be associated with considerable damage. Cardiovascular disease can be related in part to continuous bombardment of these stress hormones and will be damaged by the free radicals created in the process.


You’ve heard the term of having a “positive mental attitude” and how it can improve a person’s outlook. However, on the flip side to that, people will very often find it difficult to “see the wood for the trees”.


We need to let go of our negative thoughts and emotions by banishing them to the back of our minds because doing so, helps us to concentrate on the positive attitude we need to succeed. I personally have found that a regime of exercise, coupled with positive thoughts works and by spending some time each day exercising and listening to some classical music helps me to relax, “the choice of music is down to you!”

I believe in getting people off the couch and getting them moving. Being active and healthy will give you a totally different outlook on your life because when you are feeling physically better you are naturally in better shape mentally as well.

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