Monitor yourself

Tuesday 24th April 2018

To help you overcome the problem of pressure build up mentioned in yesterday’s Inspirational thought. You need to start and start to monitor yourself during the working day, the week and of course the month. You will be very surprised at the amount of time you spend doing those inconsequential activities, all those things that are not productive in any way during a normal working day. Your daily routine especially when you’re in business can and does throw you into a complete shamble very easily and time disappears so easily. What you need to do and do with a complete honest approach is to start monitoring yourself through the day your daily activities and therefore your productivity. In other words, monitoring your time during the working hours. For instance, on a normal working day how many times; do look at your e-mails?  Are you talking to people around you, with nothing in mind or spending time answering telephone calls that are not productive to the business?

When you monitor yourself, it is possibly the single most important mechanism in changing your thought behaviour. It is an extremely broad term which encompasses tracking nearly any pattern from which to move forward and assess your personal progress (or lack of progress) toward your desires, dreams and goals.

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