Tuesday 6th February 2018

What you should be doing is to prioritise your time during the day! Over the years, I’m sure that you have had many visions and dreams and on numerous occasions there must have been many people who have said to you; that will never work; these people are just dream-thieves. Ask any successful person how they started out in business or any other career; I’m sure they will tell you they had an idea, vision or a dream.  In other words, they had a vision, a dream and from that they set a plan into motion from day one.  There are many dream thieves who love nothing better than to take away the would-be entrepreneur’s dreams, sometimes, for no other reason than jealousy; I call them “Negaholics”. These are the people who say to you, “Your brother tried that, and it failed” or, “You don’t have the education to do that.” There are very many other negative sayings which I am sure you have heard during your life time the same as me. On the other hand, you have those same entrepreneurs who will always succeed because they always plan; they always put time to one side each week. Why? Because that is the way they have forced themselves to work, they do not fail-to-plan they plan-to-win.  What you should now try is to be more “PRO-ACTIVE” What do I mean by this?  You will now have to start controlling what you want to do with your visions and dreams.

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