What is a Federation?

Article in The News & Views February 1970

By: Ken Crow, Harrogate Branch BSAC

An easy question to put but, not an easy one to answer, since the intangible part of such an organisation depends upon the personality of its members. However, two recent events served to remind me of the value of the organisation we are frequently in danger of taking for granted.

The first was the result of reading a note in a diving magazine (outside our area). The item commented that such and such a branch held a social evening and took the “unusual” step of visiting other local branches personally to invite members which was considered “so much better than the usual brief letter to branch secretaries” (the quotation marks are mine). When I think of the successful events like East Lancs. Hot-pot Suppers, Leeds Fancy Dress, Blackpool Socials, etc., on is entitled to a certain amount of incredulity at such comments.

The second event occurred at this year’s Norfed Whitsun dive at Trearddur Bay. Diving with us was a young man from London who was quite surprised that branches should dive together in this manner, in which a diving party could consist of seven or eight different branches, he added that where he came from people only dived with their own branch. Even allowing a little for flattery, etc, this intermingling of branches was obviously unusual enough to promote some comment from our friend and, yet the activities were only what one would normally accept as perfectly usual.

These incidents are thankfully, relative small and yet it is just the accumulations of such incidents that makes our organisation what it is. I am sure you can recall similar incidents if you try.


Ken Crow, Harrogate Branch. (What is a Federation? A Federation is the sum of the individual personalities within it. Do not forget that, it is what makes OUR NORFED Federation so unique)

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