Keys to Success

The 4 C’s

Friday 25th August 2017

Keys to success are simple; Confidence, Commitment, Control and Communication.

 Confidence: Knowing what to expect and how and why things are done will add to your awareness and usually make you feel more prepared and ultimately more confident. Learning and gaining knowledge will sometimes make you feel less confident about your abilities to perform roles and tasks, when this happens you need to combine your knowledge with experience. By doing something you have learned you then put that theory into practice which then develops your confidence and adds to the learning and comprehension.

Commitment: Is defined as the act of binding yourself to a course of action. It is the feeling of the responsibility that you as a person has towards the mission and goals of the company. When you as an individual has commitment, you’re more likely to perform tasks and responsibilities that will help you achieve your objectives.

Control: For years, you may have been vying to position yourself or your business for success, could be just to be more respected, appreciated and cared for. However, your goal may be evading you, driving you to feel like a failure. If this is how you feel or think, then I invite you to think long and hard at the situation you’re presently in.

Communication: Is the ability to communicate your information accurately, clearly and as intended, it is a vital life skill and something that you should not overlook. It’s never too late to work on your communication skills and by doing so improve your quality of life. Professionally, if you’re applying for jobs or looking for a promotion with your current employer, you will almost certainly need to demonstrate effective communication skills. communication skills are needed to speak appropriately with a wide variety of people whilst maintaining good eye contact, demonstrate a varied vocabulary and tailor your language to your audience, listen effectively, present your ideas appropriately, write clearly and concisely, and work well in a group. Many of these are essential skills that employers seek.

Moving on with your life is what I am supposing is something that you want, if your intention is to move into a leadership role then the above four C’s are very important. If I was to number them in any order; no one would be COMMUNICATION this to me is what denotes quality leadership.

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