Thursday 24th August 2017

What is visualisation? It is the ability to by one person to focus on a destination, end goal or the desire to win/be successful. Do you want to achieve more? Create more? Accomplish anything you set your mind to? Become the person you know you can be? Firstly, write your visualisation down This is absolutely the key. The whole point behind writing down what you are going to visualise is that it gives you a structure, a plan to work with and come back too when you need to reappraise were you are. So, by taking a few minutes to write down your visualisation first will really help you to stay on track and keep you focussed of the end game.


However, you do need to know your goals before you start and I mean really know your goals and what you’re really wanting, the ones that excite you and drive you. the most and all the ones that thrust you into action. When visualising, you don’t even have to have faith that this is how you will act tomorrow, or the day after, or next month. If you continue to practice, this will take care of itself.

When you’re absorbing the knowledge on how to visualise, make a point of deliberately visiting past experiences; experiences that have held you back in the past. Have you raised the point with anyone before, visualise yourself in front of a crowd talking enthusiastically and powerfully? Look at the reaction of the audience, see how they react in your presence and notice how successfully you command their attention and respect. Altered memory visualisation is a technique that is focused on changing the past memories you have to a more positive outcome. This is especially useful for resolving memories that may have involved anger or resentment. Replay the scene in your mind, only replace the angry responses with more calm and controlled ones. It will take time to recreate the scene, but commit to doing this several times over. After a while, your brain will only remember the scene playing out as you have re-created it, and the uncomfortable memories of the actual event will fade away.

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