Visualise change


Friday 18th August 2017

Visualise change, it doesn’t matter what you want to do with your life, someone at some time throughout history has desired and achieved the same thing. However, providing your visions and dreams are possible and you visualise the change and of course you, yourself have what it takes to make that change happen, you will succeed. This is something I say when I guide people through a visualisation process. A great many people think they can’t visualise because they think everyone else sees in high definition (HD). Trust me, they don’t.

Visualising change is the thought that you do that makes you think you’re doing it wrong. Most people just get a vague set of images. What matters most is your intention and that you’re not thinking that you’re doing it wrong.

I prefer the word, “imagine” rather than visualise, because we all imagine in our own way. When you imagine, you have images in your mind’s eye but they are rarely that clear. For me, it’s more a feeling and sensing thing.

When you first try to visualise, change is easier said than done, but regular practice and relaxing your body will go a long way to reducing your stress throughout your body, which must be a good thing for you! Meditation is also an effective way of relaxing the body as well. Physical exercise is also a safe way of relaxing. Eating a good diet can also help, a diet that is free of stimulants and excessive amounts of sugar and saturated fat.

The choice is yours, no one else’s!

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