Enjoy having nothing to do

Tuesday 16th August 2017

Enjoy having nothing to do. When was the last time you could say that? I’ve got nothing to do? I would say there are not many that can’t remember. It’s because you plan your days for failure. With more tasks than you could ever accomplish and loads of wasted time in between. Filling every second of your day will do this. With the above, you’ll suddenly have time to spend in your own way. That’s when your mind really starts to have some fun. The grandiose ideas will begin to show up.

Unfortunately, we are addicted to wasting time. Realise that mindless work is an addiction. It’s just as dangerous as smoking or alcohol. I’m not kidding; e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, texting, surfing the net, news, it’s all a deadly serious addiction. We just think it’s ok because everyone else around us is wasting their life on it. If everyone started smoking tomorrow would you start? That’s what I thought.

The path to freedom can be difficult to see, mostly because the world is telling you it’s not there. A path begins by walking. These addictions have caused you to lose your way and most importantly, lose your focus. We avoid the present. We avoid what matters. And you avoid what’s right in front of you. Be it a sunset, your spouse or that client call you’ve been putting off.

 With pure focus, you can be unstoppable. You’ll get more done in a day than most get done in a week, with time left over to savour the subtleties of life you forgot and you enjoyed so much. When in doubt, ask yourself “Am I wasting my time to avoid the important?” Be honest. You’ll know the answer. Do something about it.

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