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Geoffrey Prince | Business Support and Mentoring


Gurugeoffrey says if you want you and your leadership-teams to be motivated and equipped to “SUCCEED”; you need to call Gurugeoffrey NOW!

Mentoring Geoffrey

Internet Networking & Workshops

My Zoom Motivational – Networking  Groups are all online, meaning all participating can either be in their office, at home or could be anywhere in the world.

Geoffrey Prince | Business Support and Mentoring

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When we are work from home or are at work, we all benefit from finding new ways to use our time as efficiently as possible.

Covid:19 Update

I am completely operational given the current situation with COVID19 and coronavirus and will continue as normal working from home during this challenging time.

I am happy to speak to you either online or by telephone whilst we are in the current situation. If you would like to book an appointment with me for an online or phone meeting, then please let me know by visiting my contact page

Finally, to all my clients, I understand it’s a challenging time for us all and I hope you keep fit and well.

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Geoffrey Prince Business Start Up

Business start up 1

Introduction into Selling

The Sales Structure

Making the Appointment

Opening the Sales

Business Start up 2

Keeping it Legal

Health and Safety Legislation

Value Added Tax (Vat)

Premises and Planning Permission



Sales Forecasting

Cashflow Forecast

Business Taxation

business discuss

Market Research

Research Questionnaire

Questionnaire techniques

Meeting consumer trends

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