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Covid:19 Update

I am completely operational given the current situation with COVID19 and coronavirus and will continue as normal working from home during this challenging time.

I am happy to speak to you either online or telephone whilst we are in the current situation.
If you would like to book an appointment with me for an online or phone meeting, then please let me know by visiting my contact page

Finally, to all my clients, I understand it’s a challenging time for us all and I hope you keep fit and well.

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Internet Networking & Workshops

Internet Networking & Workshops

My virtual workshops are online, meaning all delegates participating can either be in the same room/office, at home or in separate physical spaces that could be anywhere in the world.

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Petticoats~A~Plenty “Geoffrey truly is a Business GURU, he has the capability to make you believe in Business Magic!! Explains that yes it is hard, but very rewarding….as I have learnt. Geoffrey I would not be where I am now if it weren’t for your advice….Where am I? I am at the top of Google search engines with my website, a fully recognised sought after brand name, a respected business person in my field, and in profit over 2 years, have a window display in Somerset House Strand London, have garments on P&O cruises, had garments on Pantomime with Paul O’Grady, have a few celeb clients…. all with no advertising Geoffrey made me believe that I could do it, and I did. Thank you xx” July 19, 2011 Petticoats~A~Plenty (Andrea Sef), Owner, Petticoats~A~Plenty, studied with Geoffrey at NES run by Liverpool Chamber

Success The Choice is Yours This book is a really easy, no nonsense read. It is a must read for people young and old. Using real life stories and experiences makes the book “real” and helps the reader to relate to the author with their own experiences, thus helping them to see how they can implement the suggestions and activities.

Principal, Business Law at Lees Solicitors LLP Geoffrey is pure sunshine on a rainy day; one of the most positive and encouraging people I have ever met and a pleasure to deal with and is always there for advice.

Hi Geoffrey, I’ve always “preached” that symbolism – even included it in a PowerPoint that I used to lecture with. But reading your article just reminded me that I really haven’t been doing it myself. I remember the image better than the meaning. I often wished it was as natural with me as it was for a dear friend (who’s since gone) who used to always make me feel a million bucks. Hence your message really touched me. Thank you. Keep up the great work. More practice for me.

Hello Geoffrey, Thank you so much for the help and guidence while I was on you start-up business course. Also for the partnership agreement you emailed me to me, it will be a great big help. Thanks also for your advice and the patience over the last few weeks on the Business Start-up Course. I hope to see you on the 26th at the Mocha Lounge for coffee; bye for now.