Knowledge is Power!

In your personal life, your professional life and your creative life are all entwined in your development equipping you for the future. I have been through a lot of difficult times in my life where I must say I have felt like a failure. However, I now realise that it was important to go through those times because I now understand were my strengths are! I realised that with knowledge there was no power. So, having to
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  • Petticoats~A~Plenty “Geoffrey truly is a Business GURU, he has the capability to make you believe in Business Magic!! Explains that yes it is hard, but very rewarding….as I have learnt. Geoffrey I would not be where I am now if it weren’t for your advice….Where am I? I am at the top of Google search engines with my website, a fully recognised sought after brand name, a respected business person in my field, and in profit over 2 years, have a window display in Somerset House Strand London, have garments on P&O cruises, had garments on Pantomime with Paul O’Grady, have a few celeb clients…. all with no advertising Geoffrey made me believe that I could do it, and I did. Thank you xx” July 19, 2011 Petticoats~A~Plenty (Andrea Sef), Owner, Petticoats~A~Plenty, studied with Geoffrey at NES run by Liverpool Chamber
    Andrea Sef, July 2011
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    Success The Choice is Yours This book is a really easy, no nonsense read. It is a must read for people young and old. Using real life stories and experiences makes the book "real" and helps the reader to relate to the author with their own experiences, thus helping them to see how they can implement the suggestions and activities.
    Wayne Farrell, March 2012
  • Paperback "Success the choice is yours"
    I personally know Geoffrey and his passion for inspiring people to reach their goals, he inspired me to reach mine!... in Geoffrey's mode, there should be nothing in life that is unattainable given the right attitude, mindset and approach to life! This shows in his personality, and after reading his book, it can be shown to the masses!!.. Good luck with your book Geoffrey!
    Andrea Sef, November 2011
  • Principal, Business Law at Lees Solicitors LLP Geoffrey is pure sunshine on a rainy day; one of the most positive and encouraging people I have ever met and a pleasure to deal with and is always there for advice.  
    Veronica Howley, August 2012
  • Hi Geoffrey, I've always "preached" that symbolism - even included it in a PowerPoint that I used to lecture with. But reading your article just reminded me that I really haven't been doing it myself. I remember the image better than the meaning. I often wished it was as natural with me as it was for a dear friend (who's since gone) who used to always make me feel a million bucks. Hence your message really touched me. Thank you. Keep up the great work. More practice for me.
    Kind regards
    Suresh :-)
    Suresh Rashid
  • Hello Geoffrey, Thank you so much for the help and guidence while I was on you start-up business course. Also for the partnership agreement you emailed me to me, it will be a great big help. Thanks also for your advice and the patience over the last few weeks on the Business Start-up Course. I hope to see you on the 26th at the Mocha Lounge for coffee; bye for now. Jacqui Stuart
    Business Start-up
  • Success The Choice is Yours (Paperback)
    I've known of Geoffrey's work for a while now so I was delighted to hear the news that Geoffrey had put all of his thoughts and years of business experience down in writing. The book is very easy to read and flows very well. There's an incredible amount to take away - I've filled the margins with notes! Geoffrey's story is quite a unique one which makes this book standout from the countless other business books that are available. Highly recommended!
    Simon Lamb, September 2012
  • Format:Kindle Edition
    Success the choice is yours
    I have read many books about how you can become successful within your own niche, but this book is different. As Geoffrey has written this as if he is talking to you on a one to one. It takes you back and assists you to analyse what you need to do to move forward by conquering issues that may hold you back. The benefits that this book gives you that Geoffrey has also ran his own very successful businesses and he demonstrates how he has had high's and low's. This provides you to become more determined within what you want to achieve and even with those obstacles in your path.
    Thank you Geoffrey for the inspiration.
    Johanne Harland, August 2012
  • Paperback: Success the choice is yours
    puts things into perspective
    Great book. Its really a book about having a positive mindset helping you accomplish all your goals. It has 15 chapters all taking steps to lead you to a well rounded positive attitude to life. Chapter 1 the great mystery Chapter 2 Self-Belief chapter 3 You're never too late to learn Chapter 4 your core values Chapter 5 What motivates you Chapter 6 Realistic goal setting Chapter 7 Take positive action chapter 8 Managing your time Chapter 9 change Chapter 10 Self-esteem Chapter 11 positive affirmations Chapter 12 assertiveness Chapter 13 Self-confidence Chapter 14 Control what you need to do Chapter 15 What next? Its a quick and enjoyable read by someone who has been through many trials himself.
    Vona Oyibo, April 2012
  • Group Accountant Wincham International When I first met Geoffrey I had the customary cynical accountant’s view of consultants. However my views were unfounded and over the months we worked together I found Geoffrey to be very supportive and we were able to speak with the same voice on many of the issues faced by Wincham. Many of the initiatives put in place are still thriving. Thanks Geoffrey.    
    Paul Thompson, February 2012
  • 1VCA Wirral, hired Geoffrey as a Not for Profit Management in 2011 ”Geoffrey has been an excellent addition to my Mentor pool when assisting North West businesses in either early 2nd year progress and mature SME’s where Geoffrey has enabled true reflection and ownership on the steering of their organisations. Geoffrey’s personal style allows for rapport to build very quickly, trust and integrity follow and enables the business owner to review their situation and with support achieve excellent results. Thank you for your time and support Geoffrey.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
    Karen Livesey, January 2011
  • Lean Mentor International Lean Management Thought Leader, Executive Coach, Lean Leadership Mentor & Principle Trainer at Geoffrey is one of those quiet guys with huge amounts of experience just loving to pass it onto others. I have known Geoffrey for a few years now when we were delivering personal development seminars. He has great insights into living a successful life, be it in business or not. Certainly a go to guy if you want some sound advice or a mentor to guide you on your success journey    
    Mike Denison, January 2012
  • Wincham Investments Ltd “I requested Geoffrey to mentor me through a difficult business and personal time, He was constructive, honest and a person who you can bounce your ideas off. He is a great motivator as I consider myself to be but we all at some time need an independent person to talk to who has no personal involvement or personal interest. He is objective and sensible and you definitely feel you have a good ally and he will help you to make the right decision when you are confused and frustrated. Thank you Geoffrey” Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
    Malcolm Roach (Chairman), December 2011
  • Dear Geoffrey, I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: “I would highly recommend Geoffrey Prince as a motivational business advisor. In my experience, he has consistently presented useable and helpful advice regarding one’s approach to growing and nurturing a successful business.” I have endorsed your work as Geoffrey Prince at gurugeoffrey. Year first hired: 2009 Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
    Louise Webster , November 2011
  • Owner, Orchid Financial Geoffrey is an incredibly dedicated, knowledgeable person who has a wealth of business experience and full of ideas which have both been an inspiration and a great asset to our company and the work we engaged on together.  
    Sarah Hollender, July 2011
  • Founder & Transformation Coach, Motivational Marketing “It is my pleasure to provide a recommendation for Geoffrey Prince. I have known Geoffrey for a quite a few years during which time, as well as presenting at the CEPN Business Forum monthly meeting, he also organised several training seminars, at which I was an attendee. Each time he gives a treasure trove of valuable advice and information to help small and large businesses alike, achieve their own specific goals. He is an inspiration to anyone who meets him, encourages people to strive for personal growth, points them in the right direction and gives continued support through his daily blogs or in person where required. He truly lives up to the title of ‘Guru Geoffrey’.” May 11, 2011  
    Maurice Kelleher, May 2011
  • Chairman, CEPN Business Forum “I have worked with Geoffrey for a number of months and have found the experience very valuable. He is soon to be working with my staff team to continue this good work. Through Geoffrey’s knowledge and experience gained form his numerous ventures he has helped me to identify viable solutions to performance issues which has impacted on both myself and my business.  
    Carol Pengelly, April 2011
  • Chair CEPN Forum Geoffrey is one the most motivating people I have ever met. His daily blog always help start the day in a positive way. He was kind enough to speak for the Annual General Meeting of the  CEPN Business Forum and the reviews from members were excellent. I would recommend that everyone, from business owners, general managers to enthusiastic employees have a look at his website and follow his blogs or enrol for his training sessions. He is truly inspirational. Keep up the good work Geoffrey.    
    Carol Pengelly, January 2010
  • Director, Total Reclaim Ltd “I was involved with Geoffrey in breakfast networking meetings in both Liverpool & St Helens. I found his enthusiasm infectious and he always went out of his way to help my business grow by introducing me to his vast network of contacts.”  
    David Britch, June 2010
  • Dear Geoffrey Thank you so much for a FAB talk last night. You were speaking from the heart, and it all made sense. Lots of positive comments were said to us on the night, and hopefully some of them will make on the website. I had a look at you new website. Great, but you need the picture at the top!!!!!!! That picture just works, because personally I feel the top is "too dark" at the moment. You are such a lively/positive person, so the black top is not "really you". I'm just being honest and straight! Otherwise, keep well and look after yourself. Ida xx
    Ida Moos, March 2010
  • Cure Back Pain I am so glad that I discovered your blog Thought for the Day | geoffreyprince, while surfing the net. Fabulous contribution, I have checked out a few of your other posts and found some great information too.  Just wanted to say that there is so much garbage out there and it is nice to know some people still put time into managing their sites. Thanks a ton for helping to bring awareness to the need for real solutions.    
    Jorden, March 2010
  • Business Development Director  Whisper Tree - sales solutions Good Morning Geoffrey Just a quick note of thanks for your presentation and talk at the recent CMI meeting and for taking the time to follow up on our subsequent conversation.  Your energy and enthusiasm is an inspiration to us all. I am sure we will find ourselves rubbing shoulders again at some point soon.  In the meantime, stay well. With kind regards
    Jayne Ford , October 2009
  • "What a great advice! It was absolutely true."  
    Sheila Ber, October 2009
  • Adams Coaching Academy Hi Geoffrey, that was brilliant. Can't wait to see what the more tips are, they should be really good.  Just like the funny story about your wife as well. Just shows that you need a good sense of humour when you write...and speak in public.    
    Helen Adams, September 2009
  • Dear Geoffrey Just a quick note of thanks. I seem to have written a thoroughly researched and systematically compiled business plan. At over forty pages, it was an awful lot more work than the back-of-the-envelope version I had at the start of your Business Start-up course, back in April.  However I sense it's going to be much more useful than the original; and the processes I have learned from you, will be handy in the future too. As I look forward to seeing how this venture of mine turns out, it’s good to know I have a good foundation of work to send me on my way, and keep me on course too. Thanks again for all your help. Jane Spencer
    Jane Spencer "Business Start-up"
  • Quotes via Facebook "I always read your quote or thought of the day and agree with the sentiments - this one more than any other struck a chord with me.  Thanks"  
    Mary Errington, July 2009
  • July 2009 Dear Geoffrey, It was great to hear from you and I am looking forward to reading your new book. I know that despite (or even because of) your health issues you are even more determined to pass on your knowledge and experience.  Even though we have only met a couple of times (BRE and I did come over to see you and admire the magnificent views of the Mersey that you command) I know you are a person of great integrity and in life it is always a privilege and honour to have been invited to share time with someone like yourself. Geoffrey, I wish you continued success and remember that your half full glass is always a reminder of just how much more potential you have!  
    Ian Webster, July 2009
  • Liverpool University Geoffrey is a great motivator and a pleasure and honour to work with!    
    Chris Bill, July 2009
  • Paperwork Angel Geoffrey is a highly experienced business advisor and professional networker  
    Tania Palmer, July 2009
  • Many thanks to Geoffrey and BSB, for helping me to achieve my dreams.  The support I received was very helpful in identifying problems and targeting opportunities to move forward and improve my prospects in business.  I am very grateful.” Kind Regards  
    Timothy Sung , June 2009
  • Hi Geoffrey, I am very sorry to hear about your medical problems but I understand why you are having to slow down and stop working as hard.  I will miss you, but I suspect that I will still see you around because I cannot see you sitting back in an armchair resting on your laurels for long. I certainly hope you will be around because I have really enjoyed working with you, and time spent with you is not only instructive, but also fun. I will keep in touch Best wishes to you and your family  
    Guy Walmsley, April 2009
  • Hi Geoffrey, I’d like to wish you all the best for your retirement – from the short time I’ve known you I must say I’ve great respect for your drive, enthusiasm and passion for everything you do.  With your outlook I’m sure you’ll enjoy every possible aspect of your retirement and kick the doctor’s predictions into touch!!! Hope to see you soon.  
    Dan Corlett, May 2009
  • Power Solutions Dear Geoffrey, Many thanks indeed for the excellent presentation last night at the Chester Ellesmere Port & Networking Forum. Your life story of positive thinking and action moved me. It was great to meet you.    
    Simon Martin, April 2009
  • Hi Geoffrey, It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday at CEPN AGM meeting, thank you again for your interesting and informative presentation plus the insight into your experiences. We would love to keep in touch with you, if there is anything we can do to help at any time, please feel free to call on  
    Carol Pengelly, April 2009
  • Hello Geoffrey thanks for the partnership agreement it’s a big help.  Thanks also for your advice and patience over the last few weeks on the course.  I hope to see you on the 26th June at the Mocha lounge bye for now.  
    Jacqui Stuart, June 2008
  • ATTITUDE + LAZYBONES Hey Geoffrey Thanks for helping me and Holly on the Business Start-up course!  Us Highfield School boys must stick together!  You are a crazy Man Thanks again for helping, see u soon    
    Benn & Holly , May 2008
  • Dear Geoffrey Just a quick note of thanks. I seem to have written a thoroughly researched and systematically compiled business plan. At over forty pages, it was an awful lot more work than the back-of-the-envelope version I had at the start of the BSB Business Start-up course, back in April.  However I sense it's going to be much more useful than the original; and the processes I have learned from you, will be handy in the future too. As I look forward to seeing how this venture of mine turns out, it’s good to know I have a good foundation of work to send me on my way, and keep me on course too. Thanks again for all your help.  
    Jane Spencer, May 2008
  • Shopfitting & Joinery Geoffrey was my business start-up course tutor, I found Geoffrey to be very professional in his approach. Geoffrey has a wealth of knowledge gained from many years in business, I found him to be a likeable person who I felt had a genuine interest in what I was trying to achieve. I would recommend Geoffrey to give advice on starting a business.    
    James Ryan, April 2006
  • Regional Partner, Regional Partner Geoffrey strikes confidence at first meeting; he is a businessman with style and charisma with whom you quickly win trust.  His ideas are clear and well thought out and his enthusiasm is infectious. I can recommend him to any prospective colleague, partner, associate or customer      
    Edward Nash, April 2004
  • The Bridge Geoffrey, thank you for another excellent event, the professionalism of your team is a credit to you and BSB as well as the knowledge and expertise you imparted.  I will as usual have no hesitation in passing your name around.    
    Joan, January 2003
  • Practice Manager “The Elms Medical Centre” (Chester) The Stress awareness workshop held at our Practice was first class.  Geoffrey Prince was an excellent speaker and everyone who attended enjoyed the talk, gained a great deal from it.  We all agreed it was definitely one of the best training sessions we have had.    
    Peta Murphy (Mrs), September 2002
  • Universal Publications Geoffrey is fiercely loyal and single minded in his efforts to fulfil his role. Hard working and reliable, Geoffrey is very thorough and will cover every aspect of the task asked of him.  His ability to be persistent serves him well.  I thoroughly endorse Geoffrey’s work as a Motivational and Team building Guru and will be asking him to come back again to work with another one of our teams and will recommend him to other divisions within the company.    
    Carl Bradshaw, September 1999
  • Ebbw Engineering Many thanks for running such an inspiring and rewarding Integrated Team Building seminar and workshops all who attended where very impressed with the leadership from Geoffrey he is a fund of hidden knowledge that keeps you entertained.  
    Bob Thyeson. , February 1998
  • WF Engineering Geoffrey. To have captured the enthusiasm and held them captivate 60 wholesale branch managers for half a day on motivation and confidence building is no mean achievement.'  
    David Peters, July 1997
  • AEI Cables Liverpool Thanks very much Geoffrey for a great few days work help to develop team building skills within the factory.  I will have no hesitation in calling you back in approx June this year to start another session on “Intergrated Team Building” skills again within the factory and the warehousing department or indeed to pass your name around the group.  
    Ben Franklin, June 1997
  • I know the teams enjoyed themselves and I think it was an excellent mix of minds and the Brainstorming sessions were exceptionally rewarding. It is the first time we have used an outside organisation to run this type of session.'
    John Lewis, September 1996
  • Thanks for the most exceptional and entertaining 3 day workshop we have received in a long time the people involved came back to work fired up'
    Peter Davies, April 1995
  • B Miles Director and Secretary Royal National Lifeboat Institution This to certify at a meeting of the Committee of Management held on 29th July 1998 it was decided that the “Ralph Glister Award” for the most meritorious service carried out in 1987 in a life-boat under 10 metres be made to Crew Member Mr. Geoffrey Prince in recognition of his service in the New Brighton Atlantic 21 class life-boat on the 6th October 1987 when they recued the crew of three and saved the yacht “Samsal” which was in difficulties on the Great Burbo Bank  
    B Miles RNLI, July 1988
  • The Thanks of the Institution Inscribed on Vellum was awarded to Helmsman Anthony Clare and Framed Letters of Thanks to Crew Members Geoffrey Prince and Anthony Jones for rescuing three crewmembers from the yacht “Samsal” on 6th October 1987. The crew were also awarded the Ralph Glister Award for the most meritorious service carried out in a lifeboat less under 10 metres in 1987.
    Brian Miles, October 1987
  • At a meeting of the committee of “The Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society” It was resolved unanimously that the thanks of the committee be presented to Mr Geoffrey Prince together with the Society’s Bronze Marine Medal, for having courageously gone into a very rough sea from the Marine Promenade at New Brighton and made a gallant attempt to rescue a man from drowning, on the 6th January 1980
    E.R. Williams (Chairman/Secretary), January 1980